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LinkedIn and email query

edited November 2013 in Writing
When a request to add someone to my LinkedIn network lands in my Hotmail email inbox, it looks as if it's come from one of my contacts.

It's always the same person, and I know it's not her sending them, so I must have got a line crossed somewhere.

Can anyone enlighten me as to how I can change it?


  • Oh - I always presume the requests come from the person themselves - maybe I'm not looking properly!

    Linkedin is a mystery to me tbh. I never go there but I do add people.
  • I think it's because they've shared their email address book and you're sent them automatically. If you don't accept, they keep sending...
  • I think so, Baggy. It's quite easy to invite people onto LinkedIn without meaning to. If you do it to someone who's not on LinkedIn, or using a different email than the one associated with their account then they can't click to accept or decline and keep getting reminders - even if they have already connected via the site.
  • But why does it come into my inbox as a LinkedIn request yet when I click on it the name at the top of the page is
    always Anna Harris( IG's email name - she has several identities!)
  • *gulps*

    Don't know. But I think IG phoning me in Honiton trumps your emails.
  • I always assume linkedin requests have not come from the person named because they're usually from other tber's and I doubt if any tber's would bother to invite me to their linkedin thingy. (Convoluted sentence, but you get my drift.)
  • There are lots of scam emails around at the moment, which purport to have come from Linked-In, or people from Linked-In. The best thing to do if you want to respond, is delete every one of the emails without exception, and log in to your Linked-In account via your own bookmarked link, or from a trusted link that YOU KNOW is from Linked-In. Personally, I hardly ever use mine, but I never ever click on an email link to it.
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