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How can I remove books from my kindle?

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I've gone online and removed them from my library, but they're still showing on the device.


  • I connect mine to my PC and delete them that way - right click etc.

    That way I can do loads in one go.
  • When I right click I get options to go to first page, last page read or add to a collection - but not to delete. Presumably I'm trying to do it in the wrong place ...
  • It should be in your 'My Computer' folder as an external drive - just delete them in bulk as you would from a memory stick - you don't open any of the documents. When a Kindle is connected via a USB cable it's just another external storage device.
  • Have you tried turning off your Kindle and then turning it on again? That may sort it.
  • Thanks, Baggy. I'll try again.

    I did, Mrs Bear. I suspect I deleted them from a collection and not the main library ... or something.
  • Press the right hand arrow on the navigating square thingy and the option to delete from device comes up. Took me ages to find!
  • Thanks, Lou.

    I've just discovered that if, instead of tapping the title and opening the book, I hold my finger on it, I get the option to delete.
  • Won't that take ages, assuming you have loads?

    I regularly clear mine out in bulk.
  • Really? Why? Oh right, I presume you have loads for proof reading.

    I rarely delete a book, except one that I found too sickening to keep.
  • I don't proofread on a Kindle - I do get asked to read books to check formatting and I have to delete them when the work's completed as a condition of the contract. But I also 'buy' free ones that might be worth a read, but often aren't. So every now and then I plug it in to my computer and zap them off.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]Won't that take ages, assuming you have loads?[/quote] I don't have that many and now I've got rid of most of those I don't want, I can just delete each one as I decide not to keep it.

    It's odd - I'm quite likely to keep hold of real books, but don't like ones I've read 'cluttering up' my kindle.
  • I use the 'add to collection' facility and store them as 'read'. That way, my home screen is pretty uncluttered. The only reason I don't delete them completely is that my memory's so bad I might buy the same book again.
  • edited November 2013
    [quote= Phots Moll]It's odd - I'm quite likely to keep hold of real books, but don't like ones I've read 'cluttering up' my kindle.[/quote]

    I'm exactly the same!
  • I'm the opposite. I love having a whole load of books on my Kindle. They're all neatly filed in appropriate collections so my home screen is nice and simple. It's comforting knowing Jane Austen's always there when I need her. I like the feeling of carrying around a library in my handbag.
  • I agree Lou. I only put them into collections when I've read them, otherwise I might forget which I've read and which I haven't.
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