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What is the best software package?

edited December 2013 in Writing
I've just had my Samsung notebook repaired. It's been stripped down and now returned to me as new. I'm going to have to purchase microsoft office or such like but I'm wondering if another would be more suitable as I may intend to publish my novel (when it is eventually complete) as an ebook on amozon or kindle.
My first two books which were published by Need2Know Books were all written on Openoffice which I think I downloaded to use for free instead of purchasing microsoft word....was a bit skint at the time... and there was no problem in terms of emailing the finished work. All of my other work is also on openoffice.
Does anyone have some good advice before I spend money that I don't need to. Cheers.


  • I use Openoffice and it works fine. I haven't yet found a feature, which I want, that's available in Microsoft but not in Openoffice.
  • OpenOffice is fine. Keep using it, Cath. If it ain't broke...
  • Open office is fine, keep with it.
  • If it worked before, then use it again.
  • I have heard problems about openoffice and self-publishing, but can't remember where I read them - it was very recently though. I didn't take any notice as I have office for mac. But if you aren't self-publishing and have no problems before, presumably everything will be fine.

    Even if it wasn't and you had a publishing deal, presumably you could buy office and just cut and paste the whole lot into it?
  • [quote=Liz]I have heard problems about openoffice and self-publishing, but can't remember where I read them - it was very recently though.[/quote]

    Those are my thoughts too, liz. This is why I'm asking. I've read something similar which is why I'm dithering. Looks like a lot of writers are happy with Openoffice so I'm sure that will be ok. I've got my computer guy coming in a few days to put microsoft word, publisher and powerpoint on and to do some other stuff. I wonder if it was last months Writer's News where we saw something about it. I'll have a look!
  • The lack of Microsoft Word didn't cause me any trouble self publishing two novels.
  • I'm not 10% sure on this - maybe someone else can comment - but I think the problems have been solved. I have not had any difficulty using Libre Office. I think if you make sure that you are using the latest version of the software you should be ok.
  • Thanks peeps...I've had Microsoft word and publisher downloaded onto my Samsung. I'm used to 'word' so that's great. I did try 'Page four' which had been uploaded on my Samsung from the previous owner but I couldn't get the hang of it!
  • I was given Microsoft 2000 from local engineer when he stripped it down, well I did have to pay for its installation mind you but it wasn't too bad. I am surprised this was not done. I also use Writer It Now for my writing which through recent upheavals of late, has suffered a downward slide but hope soon to be up to speed. Currently nursing a broken ankle due to a very bad fall. See my latest contribution to the forum
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