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Agent season?

edited December 2013 in Writing
Do agents have seasons?

Common sense says that sending off a submission now would be a waste of effort,
but are there other times when agent's letter boxes have bins directly beneath them?

Obversely, is there a golden time when they're panting to find the next genius and read everything that comes their way?

Someone must know.


  • Why do you think it would be a waste of effort, Lizy?

    I'd think an agent would be pleased to see a prepared submission amongst a lot of 1st drafts as seems to be an issue after Nanowrimo...
  • My only concern would be that it got lost in the seasonal post. Post boxes and emails are rather busy just now, and brains may be focussed on Christmas.
  • [quote=Mrs Bear] Post boxes and emails are rather busy just now[/quote] For individuals yes, but for businesses?

    Even if they are, the agent will read the submission when they have time rather than the moment it arrives.
  • I had a new book sent to me by a publisher on Sunday evening, after 10pm - not everyone works office hours.
  • Apparently you should avoid New Year and the major book fairs.
  • [quote=Lou Treleaven]Apparently you should avoid New Year and the major book fairs.[/quote]

    Thank you. Lou - I know when New Year is, but how do I find out about the major book fairs?
  • They're mentioned on the bookseller website, or try googling major book fairs.
  • And don't send them during summer holidays, the agent's birthday, when they've got a hangover or a head cold, started a new relationship, ended a relationship ...

    Or perhaps just pick an agent who cares more about what you've submitted than when you submitted it.
  • I knew I had the dates somewhere! From the list of children's agents on my blog:

    "According to agent Lorella Belli, it’s advisable to avoid submitting manuscripts in the New Year (overload of submissions due to people’s New Year’s resolutions!) and around the time of the book fairs – London, Bologna and Frankfurt. The London Book Fair is 15-17 April 2013, Bologna is 25-28 March and Frankfurt is 9-13 October."
  • I read in a few places that some agents don't accept submissions in December because of nanowrimo
  • I think it's safe to assume you should never mention NaNoWriMo in your covering letter, regardless of when you're submitting.
  • I don't do nanowrimo so I'd have no reason to mention it, Danfango, but thanks anyway.

    I guessed Christmas would be a bad time, but those other suggestions are helpful.
    I know it shouldn't matter if your work's good enough, but despite rumours to the contrary, agents must be human too!
    Photts Moll's post is particularly apposite.

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