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Writing Buddies

edited December 2013 in Writing
Hi, I'm writing an article about Writing Buddies and I wondered if there were any MEN out there who have a writing buddy, to give feedback and/or support for their writing? Or is it just a 'girl thing'?! Thank you in advance for any comments!


  • I suspect all the men on here are recovering from their catering duties...

    Didn't know that girls had 'writing buddies' - any more than men. Look forward to reading the article.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]Didn't know that girls had 'writing buddies' - any more than men.[/quote]

    Me neither.

    In fact, I used to have a writing buddy who was a bloke and he always produced far more than I ever did.

    I was HIS writing buddy and I always gave him honest, no frills feedback which I know he appreciated. He also subbed some of the work I'd read for him and was reasonably successful with it.
  • I have never heard of a writing buddy!

    So, if I'm correct, it's someone that you try out your writing on?
  • I don't have a writing buddy. I am a member of two writing groups, but if I'm honest, TB provides me with all the writing buddies I need.
  • [quote=Tiny Nell]I have never heard of a writing buddy![/quote]

    Buddies come in all shape and forms. :)

    Some are writing buddies, some are golfing buddies, some are drinking buddies and some are ....

    erm, other types of buddies. :)
  • Sounds b(l)uddy mad to me.
  • Oh, I don't know. I find if I'm writing for a more immediate audience I write far better. For instance while writing in between writing classes, writing group, on my Uni course, and when writing to a brief - I somehow think I try harder when I know the person i am writing for. It doesn't matter about the genre - I may be writing something for children, but knowing who is going to be reading it and commenting makes it easier.

    If I could find a writing buddy who knew about the genre I was writing in and who would like to come round every week on Monday having read what i'd written in the previous week and critique it, and have me do the same for them, I'd like that.
  • edited January 2014
    I belong to a small online group where we do that, Liz - although not at any set time and not in your genre.

    All my writing buddies are female and all but one of my 'real life' writing group are female too.
  • I have a real life writing group who comprise most of the same people I did my MA with, plus one from a different year and one from a different group in the same year.

    But we haven't met for writing purposes for ages - it was a comfort after we left and for some years, but some of us (not me!) are so successful and well known now that they have grown beyond sharing.

    We do still meet for lunch and chat, and if someone wanted a critique it would happen.

    I sometimes think about advertising for someone, but they'd need to be so specific, and i have no idea how you'd turn away those you wouldn't feel were 'right'.
  • [quote=Liz] i have no idea how you'd turn away those you wouldn't feel were 'right'.[/quote] Yes, that could be awkward.
  • My writing buddies are people, both men and women, that I've generally met on-line through writing sites, some of whom I also consider very good friends because they're wonderful caring people who give me a creative kick when I need it! I also have a couple of friends and colleagues that have come out of the creative closet since I declared my interest.

    I've tried to collaborate with different writing buddies over the years, and "played the web" with a few, but not managed to pen down a joint project, as yet! Don't always get to meet the on-line buddies, either.

    All in all writing buddies are brilliant to have because they tend to understand bizarre tendencies revolving around people watching and word play.

    [quote=Liz]I sometimes think about advertising for someone, but they'd need to be so specific.[/quote]

    Similar rules, including personal security, as on-line dating, but much more interesting and constructive. Open a new thread, here or in a writing group, and share some banter in an open forum to see how you get on.

    [quote=Liz]... and i have no idea how you'd turn away those you wouldn't feel were 'right'.[/quote]

    I do... Say it as it is, and if they don't take a pleasant no for an answer tell 'em to... go forth beyond the ether. If it's not right for you, it's not right for them, either.
  • Good to see hellymart's article in print - current issue of WM.
  • Well done to Hellymart - Shame she didn't stay with us.
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