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Who's in February 2014's Writing Magazines?



  • I've taken a new approach to this...I've looked through and folded over any articles that I MUST/SHOULD read. The rest...? If I'm honest they won't be read unless TBers mention something worth a gander.

    At least my eye is now drawn to the articles I want to read.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]I've looked through and folded over any articles [/quote]

    Ha! Great minds think alike.

    I did exactly that on Friday, then on Saturday, driving* up to Yorkshire, I looked at those pages again and highlighted things to act upon.

    *I was not being irresponsible; I was a passenger.
  • Interesting to see that I am not the only one who never catches up reading WM before the next one arrives! Since my absence from TB I have now collected five issues to be read at some time. When postie drops it through my letter box, I get so enthusiastic reading all the tips and hints. I am always determined to put some of them into practise; but life gets in the way don't it? I have a bit of fun too when a TBer fesses up that they have a 'mench' trying to recognise them and put them to their forum name.
    I don't usually make any NY resolutions but this year I am going to set aside time to READ AND ACT on some the invaluable and encouraging words in WM. But err...will this then intrude on my writing time.... oh heck!
    One thing I am going to do is to be more disciplined and I am going to use the 'novel navigator' to plan and plot my work. Thanks a lot Ken Burke.
  • I have read ALL the articles I selected - now I need to do the same with the previous month's issue.
  • Well done BB.
  • Well done helly, spires and month! I read mine in the two days after I get it, usually WN first then best bits and then everything else except poetry.
  • As it has only just this minute plopped into my letter box I've barely had time to open it and discard the ads for The Oldie and the Mslexia Writing comp.
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