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Poetry pamphlets

edited January 2014 in Writing
I quite often see that the prize for winning a poetry competition is to have a selection of poetry made into/included in a pamphlet.

I must admit, I've never seen a pamphlet in my life. What happens to them?


  • They are very thin books...
  • LizLiz
    edited January 2014
    They are little books, quite simply made, often with a theme.

    Here is a page about who does them, by a poet friend - if you click on any of the links you should see plenty of pamphlets...


    Edit to say she often uses a pamphlet to publish some poems from an ongoing manuscript.
  • Thanks, Liz.

    Yes, I know what a pamphlet in general looks like. I've just never seen 'poetry' pamphlets on sale or in libraries, so I wondered what benefit there is to having your work in one. Where are they distributed and who buys them?
  • I've seen them and bought them in bookshops. I've bought them from poets at readings.

    They tend to be simpler than books - they can have quite good artwork and high quality paper but be fastened with staples, what is called 'sewn' for some reason.

    And they don't contain as many poems as a whole book, maybe 20 -25.

    They are a good way to get published first (although they would usually contain poems published in magazines etc) if you can find a small press and get them to like your poetry - like a sort of taster of what you do. Then you can also sell them at readings.

    We have some pamphlets at our library.
  • I've seen them at my local independent bookshop and for sale at readings and other author events.
  • Our local bookshop's long closed down. I don't suppose I've wandered around a bookshop for some time. I'll have a look next time I come across a Waterstone's.

    I've never actually been to any author events (shock, horror), but this year I've got a calendar of literary festivals so I'll make an effort to go.
  • You are in for a treat TN.
  • Oooh, come to the Children's Lit Fest in Bath!

    There's a new Children's Lit Fest starting up near Dover as well.
  • Bath...Bath...Bath...

    Found it! 26th Sept - 5th October.

    Just need to persuade Hubby to take me as I'm too scared to go by myself!
  • TN, it's time to be brave.
  • [quote=Tiny Nell] I'm too scared to go by myself![/quote]
    It's time, TN - I understand that you're small, but surely you're big enough to Bath by yourself?

    Oh - hang on a minute - that Bath - the one with Roman ghosts?
    Then it's ok to be scared.

  • I'm not far from Bath. I could come along and 'support' you.
  • [quote=Lizy]It's time, TN - I understand that you're small, but surely you're big enough to Bath by yourself?[/quote]

    I get lost.

    Wherever I go.

    I need a long piece of elastic so that I can get home... if ever I arrive at my destination!
  • [quote=Baggy Books]I'm not far from Bath. I could come along and 'support' you.[/quote]

    You're so kind, Baggy. Thank you. I'll bear that in mind.
  • And I bet S & M would be down the M5 quicker than a snail scoffs a scone.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]And I bet S & M would be down the M5 quicker than a snail scoffs a scone.[/quote]

    In Lycra?
  • Without a doubt. I suspect he'll set off as soon as he returns from his niece's.
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