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MA in Self-Publishing launched

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Why did they think associating it with EL James would help?


  • Will watch this space then - sounds interesting. Thanks Carol
  • Hello, this is my first post here :-)

    I had to comment as this Uni is less than a mile from me and I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of this MA. It states it has a state-of-the-art media factory (ie a graphic design dept.) but what makes that any different from a self-publishing house? This MA I doubt comes cheap, so I wonder if they aren't capitalising on talented writers who wouldn't think to apply further afield? Or just get a crit and then SP?

    No mention of any recognised authors guiding students - have you seen the course for MMU in comparison? Feel a bit deflated about it all.

    Oh no, my first post is so negative :-(
    Better make up for it elsewhere.

  • Welcome jewellerymaker. :)

    It's always useful, for anyone who might consider the MA, to have local knowledge of what's available as well.

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