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Newbie on board!

edited February 2014 in Writing
Hello everyone :-) I am a new writer with not much experience. I am hoping by joining this forum I will find other friendly writers to share my work and help improve myself as a writer. I have started my first novel which is going well and I also enjoy writing short stories. The advice I have been given is to write something everyday and so with that in mind have created my blog shortstorychallenge.wordpress.com to inspire me to write daily and improve my writing skill and confidence. Feel free to visit my blog and if anyone has any advice for a new writer please share.

Happy writing everyone :-)


  • Welcome!

  • Hello, Lucy, and welcome. TB has the friendliest writers ANYWHERE in the world. Do stick around. ;;)
  • I shall have a nose at your blog later - it looks interesting.
  • Hallo, Lucy, nice to meet you. ~:>
  • Hey, Lucy :) Welcome to the forum.
  • :-h hello, Lucy
  • Maro, a dot?

    Or did you cough?
  • Maro's just made a point.
  • I'm guessing it was a double post edit. If your post appears twice just leave it and it dies after a few seconds. If you edit it the system sees two different messages and leaves them both there.
  • ~X( No, no. I keep getting duplicate posts and only clicking once.
  • Thankyou br. Thankyou.
  • Hello and welcome, Lucy.
  • Hello and welcome, Lucy.

    If you're feeling adventurous you still have 7 days to enter the One Word Challenge...
  • Hello Lucy - pleased to meet you
  • Hi Lucy and Welcome to TB.
  • Hello Lucy, welcome to TB. Writers write - so you've got that sorted, then!
    The bit they don't tell you is that writers also spend a lot of time on TB and FB when they should be nose down in their latest work. I'm really, really good at that part.
    *Tells self to get back to work. Sticks tongue out at self*
  • But social media has other uses... >-)
  • Hello, Lucy :)
  • Hello Lucy. You mention writing something every day (gosh, you're keen!)
    I'm reading Mason Currey's Daily Rituals, dealing with how artist celebrities in general organised themselves to be productive. The concensus among those authors who 'made it' is to write something every day WHETHER IT'S ANY GOOD OR NOT. So if your daily start time is 9am, you sit and write at 9am. Apparently it works.
    Welcome to Talk Back - where some know-it-alls try and organise you.
    On the other hand, everyone's friendly.
  • Thank you all for such a warm welcome it's great to be able to chat to other writers and everyone is so friendly :-) I'm having fun creating short stories for my blog, although it's early stages and plan on entering a couple of competitions in the next few months. Busy, busy!
  • Don't lose that keen attitude, Lucy!
  • Hello Lucy and welcome.
  • Hi Lucy,
    Welcome to TB.
  • Hi Lucy. Welcome to the forum. Writing something every day sounds good.
  • Hi, Lucy. Welcome!
  • Thank you all for the words of encouragement. It's been just over a week since I started my blog shortstorychallenge.wordpress.com and although my original plan was for a new short story every day I have had to change this to every week. I think my enthusiasm may have got the better of me and it was a little ambitious for a working mother :-) I am going to continue to write for myself daily as I really do enjoy jotting away in my notepad and don't want to lose all of my enthusiasm!
  • Everything that you write is practise for the next thing. It gets you into writing mode, so is a form of training for the brain!
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