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Help with blog

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Now I've got a publisher I feel the need for a vaguely professional looking blog. Tearing hair out trying to set up a blogger blog. Is there a good tutorial anywhere? The ones I've looked at on you tube aren't much help. I just want to get title and description to one side of header instead of over it. I want to shrink the header image and I want to put my book covers to the side and make them clickable, something like Katie's blog. Do I need html to do it?


  • It's easier to start with the template that is nearest to the layout you want and work from there.
  • What Carol said. I did that with blogspot and it's worked so far for me. Follow my link if you want to look.

    Carol's is pretty too, and Patsy's. Look on the Blog update thread.
  • If you start with the layout, you can then begin to try different aspects. It is easier to get one aspect you want right, then move onto the next bit- you will speed up because you'll then know what you're looking for, what does and doesn't look right...

    Nothing is fixed in stone. :)

  • Thanks Lizy and Carol, I'll start from scratch again tomorrow. Wonder why the links don't work on the blog thread.
  • You need to insert a piece of HTML code to create links that will open in a new box/page rather than take the reader away from your blog.

    Make sure you're using the links symbol in the tools.
  • Html! O........k

    I'm such a techydoh
  • Ana, if you want a custom blog, especially if you're not very tech minded, you'll probably have to pay for it. Some of the features you want, such as shrinking the header, won't be available with the free ones.
  • Nuh uh - there are always ways around problems even on the free ones. Worst comes to worst and it only lets you put an 800x300 banner (for instance) and you want a 400x200 banner, then you paste a 400x200 picture onto a block of colour the same as your background and save the image to be 800x300...boom! Everyone is a winner :)
  • You'd still have an 800x300 banner though ... wouldn't you?
  • Well, I'm fairly happy with the banner, it's big but I can live with it

    I'd still like to get clickable images of my books on there.
  • Yeah but it wouldn't look like one, you'd just have a bit more 'page' around the top/sides:

  • Ah! See what you mean now, b-r. (Nice diagrams!)

    Ana, clickable links must be easy as I managed that. I'll go look at what I did to remind myself.
  • You go to layout and 'add gadget' where you want the image to go - you can have it down the side. Upload the image and upload the link. You can have a caption too if you like, but leave that bit blank if you don't want one.
  • The book covers on my blog are all clickable links. http://patsy-collins.blogspot.co.uk
  • Yay! Thanks Pats.
  • I love what you've done so far, ana!

    I coloured in all the Rupert Bear drawings in one of my books, but not because I had anything against him.
  • Oh, the unfortunate effect of putting an exclamation mark after ana...*cough*
  • It's looking great!
  • Thanks for pointing that out br. Scratches piles.

    I liked Rupert, Nell. When my mum was a kid she coloured the Rupert strips from the Express and made scrapbooks. I've still got them.

    I thought Andy Pandy was wet.
  • Darn, tried to comment but it is one of those blogs that won't let me comment!
  • Yeah. Andy Pandy was namby pamby...
  • AP was limp-wristed as well.

    Can I say that on a forum without being prosecuted?
  • I got through the word verification eventually.
  • I'm terrible at blogging and twittering or whatever it is celebrities do every time they go for a pee - sorry didn't help you but hopefully makes you feel better!!:-)
  • PM, thanks to you, I now have static pics of my book covers with clickable links on my blog. Now I'm trying to work out how to have a Twitter link.

    It's a full-time occupation!
  • Have you got a Wordpress blog, Nell? If so, I can help with that...
  • By the way, Wordpress are much more customizable for free. I tried a blogger blog recently to be able to comment on Lizy's (still can't) and it is all so difficult and fiddly compared.
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    Liz said: Have you got a Wordpress blog, Nell?


    Yes, I have. Spent part of yesterday twiddling with widgets.

    I've got up the widget 'Follow me on twitter', but it's not linked.
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