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Putting my own stuff on my tablet

edited July 2014 in Writing
I wanted to read my latest book on my tablet so I copied it as a pdf and moved that across to my Kindle App. Very clever, I thought, but of course it's too small to read.

I could put it in a larger font and do it again, but will I be able to delete the other one?

Come to that - can I delete any of the books I've bought after I've read them?


  • I email my books as word docs to my Kindle email address. Not sure about deleting books though.
  • I thought of that, Nef, but I'd have to be in a Wifi zone to be able to read it, wouldn't I? I shall try deleting a book tomorrow and decide after that what comes next.
  • I think you have to log into your account via Amazon to delete books from your Kindle account. That's the only way I've managed to remove them. If you delete them locally, they just get reinstalled when you're next online.
  • I tend to save all mine to the cloud and delete off my device once Ive read them, but I leave them on the cloud so I don't go and buy them again.
  • I have not yet got to grips with this mysterious thing called the cloud.

    *feels challenged*
  • "The cloud" is simply a way of saving your files on a server rather than your own computer. Dropbox and Google Drive are examples of the cloud.
  • I expect I shall use one eventually, but it sounds rather like putting your savings into a bank - you put it in and the bank can get it out when they feel like it.
  • They claim that your files are encrypted so no one can access the contents without your permission. I don't know if there's ever been a test case, though. One thing you can be sure of in the computer industry is that the criminals are not far behind the good people - and sometimes a step ahead.
  • Lets's not stray into the realms of fantasy. Criminals steal things which have great value - thousands and millions.

    We all know the truth of how much authors actually earn.

    I simply cannot see why anyone would dis-encrypt to get to book manuscripts.

    Money transactions, yes.
  • Okay - i copied my book as a pdf file and moved that to my tablet.
    Couldn't read it - too small - so I Googled how to delete it and did so, also deleted the Chinese/English dictionary that came with my Kindle app!!!

    Then I increased the font and repeated process one.

    Next step - read the damn thing and decide whether it's worth making into an ebook.
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