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Free Kindle Promotion/Reviews

edited July 2014 in Writing
Hi, just wanted to let everyone know that my new book 'Chanctonbury' is available for FREE until Monday. It is a fantasy set at the Chanctonbury Ring in West Sussex. I am hoping that this promotion will bring me up the Amazon rankings and get me reviews which seems key to getting a book noticed.



  • Welcome to TB.

    Why not tell us something about your book and your writing - we do like to get to know new folk before we 'buy'.
  • Ditto Baggy Books's post, Natasha.

    Whilst I fully understand that you want to promote your book (for which I wish you the best of luck) you'll get a better response if you join in with us a bit first.
  • Hi, yes sorry to just jump in with a book promotion - just trying to find new places in the UK to spread my news. This is my second book, the first 3004 was published by a small publisher and they did everything they could to promote my book when it was released but nothing after that. Chanctonbury is a science fiction fantasy and involves six people who meet at the Chanctonbury Ring and have their dearest wishes granted by the Devil. I self published Chanctonbury and am trying my best to promote both books now which is proving to be an interesting journey.
  • Good luck with the book but ditto BB's and Claudia's posts.
  • Good luck with it, nmurray. We think it's hard enough writing the darn things - then we have to flog them too!
    Do come and join in the general hyper-intelligent, entirely writing-related chat. (And if you can find any, let us know and we'll strike it out at once!)
  • Best wishes Natasha. Fingers crossed the free promo works - it should at least get the book appearing on the 'people who bought this, also bought that' sort of lists.
  • You've got your work cut out, but it's a popular genre so you should get some interest. Let us know how it goes.
  • Just a reminder - I'm happy to add details of book give aways on my blog. http://patsy-collins.blogspot.co.uk

    Ideally I'll post them on a Friday and would like some notice. Please let me have a cover image, link and VERY brief description.
  • Thanks for all your kind comments, I managed to give away 120 books and it felt good to be near the top of the free ad listings for a few days. I have received one review which I didn't like too much and have managed to sell two books. I love writing but it takes a lot of time and energy to market a book. I have a website, update a book Facebook page, write a blog, advertise on Goodreads, run an author review exchange programme and am trying to set up book signings. Have I missed anything?
  • Local radio. :)
  • Glad your promo went well. Marketing is hard work. Good luck with your book.
  • Twitter.
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