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Kindle app question

edited July 2014 in Writing
I won a free ebook on a writer's FB page so she emailed me a Kindle version which I have downloaded onto my laptop.

How do I now transfer it to the Kindle app on my tablet so that I can read it?


  • I vaguely remember plugging the lead that comes with the Kindle into my computer, and the other end into my kindle.

    The device should show up on the screen.

    Can't remember if I then used one of the drop down boxes, or just dragged the book across to the device, but the help bit should tell you.
  • edited July 2014
    I found the folder on my PC called something like 'Kindle content' and just copied the file there and then it appeared in the Kindle app on my PC.
  • I was sent a novel I won in pdf form (and abysmal it is too, but that's by the by). I emailed it as an attachment to my Kindle email account, and it appeared after a short delay as a title page alongside my other books. If you don't know your Kindle email, you can find it under your account details, I believe.
    To find all this out I googled 'transferring a pdf to Kindle'.
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