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When's October's WM out?

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I don't usually buy it as I used to buy and and not read it, but it's the competition issue (and you never know I might actually enter some this time). When's it out? Only Sainsburys or Whsmiths seem to stock it where I live


  • It will be in the shops Thursday/Friday, Jen.
  • Thanks
  • Wishing our lives away again! October is hallowe'en, and brown leaves, and misty mornings. I haven't finished with August yet!
  • No, no!

    We have a September heatwave to look forward to before we get out our bobble hats.
  • Surely it's too soon for such talk? I'm still hoping for a few more freckles.
  • I've posted the October Who's In thread. :)

    Such is magazine publishing, always a month ahead... :-B
  • I think that's why Writers' Forum don't put months on their covers - just the number.

    Mind you... that's not always indicative of new content.
  • It's funny how the October issue is out in September and not October.
  • Have to get it when I see it because only two shops sell it by me so if I don't it be could be gone
  • C2C2
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    Not spying the WM on the shelf in Smiths, I bought Writers Forum, a good read and great stories. Went on their site, and had a free download of a book manuscript template. I hope I will have some use out of it :-<
  • Used to subscribe to writers' forum but I stopped reading the magazines. I'm only buying WM for the competition special.
  • It's arrived today. Had to brave three dogs to get to the post box and retrieve it (well, I sent Mr Bear). Actually they're the village dogs, Pepsi, Mrs Poo, and the Jack Russell pup who is not going to get fed at this house no matter how much he tries it on. I heard the post lady shrilly telling them to go home, as she tried to insert mail into the box, which at least told us there was something worth checking.
  • MrsB, you're lucky, mine hasn't arrived yet, and so far only a couple of TB's say they've received theirs. :(

    Though it is good you've received yours on time instead of a week later...

  • Mine came yesterday.
  • It's obviously making up for getting it on the Monday last month, by making me wait. [-(
  • Received it yesterday and read a good portion of it.
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