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The Wishing Shelf Award

edited October 2014 in Writing
Has anyone heard of this, or even entered? This was one of the comps listed for SP books on the 50 comps for SP writers website recently mentioned on here. I've looked at the website and the reviews seem to be from winners in 2011. Entry costs £28 which is not a fortune but what do others think. Would I be wasting time and money on this or is it worth a punt?
Before entering you have to send your blurb so they can see if they think it's a book their readers might like. I could do this I suppose and see if I get a response. What do other SP writers think?


  • I've seen a few competitions like this, casey. I don't know why the entry fees are so steep. Personally, I wouldn't pay that amount. That's probably my year's earnings!
  • edited October 2014
    £28? That sounds horrendously high for a comp entry. It sounds more like payment towards their costs than an entry fee.
    Just had a look: the site says that if you aren't satisfied they will refund your money.
  • Interesting. You do get the feedback from the children's (or adults') focus groups at the end, plus a review, wherever you come in the competition. It depends if that's worth £28 to you I suppose.
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