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Who's in June 2015's Writing Magazines?

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Yes, it's that time again...

Who's in June 2015's magazine? The magazines probably won’t be in the shops until 7th May so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending.


  • My copy has just arrived- obviously posted early due to the Bank Holiday on Monday.
  • It's no wonder the year seems to fly by!
  • I can only hope/assume I'm in there with my sixth entry to the Seven Deadly Sins series - 'Envy'.

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    Yes you are BR!
  • Mine arrived. I haven't had time to look at it.
  • Mine arrived this morning; reading it now.
  • edited May 2015
    BR, have you done your ALCS application yet?
  • Yeah, I have my card and stuff. I just need to pull my finger out and submit all my ISBNs and ISSNs.
  • A little task for the the next few weeks then... :)
  • Got mine.
  • Mine arrived this morning. Not even had time to scan through it yet. Looking forward to reading it later.
  • Me too, but haven't read last month's yet. Nor indeed, many months before that.
  • Just DID read it, as have to sit still and bathe hand, and the Animal Poem competition has been judged - the winners are BRILLIANT, much better than the one I sent in.
  • Very magnanimous, Liz.

    What's wrong with hand? Did I miss something?
  • LizLiz
    edited May 2015
    No... I haven't mentioned it. I'm not sure, I have a strange sharp pain in one finger and putting it in warm water feels better. I also have exactly the same pain in my elbow. I can't think of anything odd I've done, so it's a mystery. And not magnanimous, absolute truth.
  • Hope it feels better tomorrow, Liz.
  • Me too.
  • Me three.
  • Thanks chaps. Elbow woke me up in the night, very odd pain.
  • Tendonitis?
    Trapped nerve?
    Referred shoulder pain?
  • Mine's arrived and I haven't finished last month's yet! Must start waking up earlier.
  • Interesting snippet about Sir Chris Hoy writing for children - with Joanna Nadin.
  • I recognise a name in the poetry short list.
  • I know that's not me as I haven't entered one for ages and ages!
  • Spotted them!
  • oh I thought it was you Heather. The animal poem comp in WN.
    I must have you mixed up with someone else. Is your surname Cook like mine?
  • no what? That's not your name?
  • No, my name isn't Cook.
    You have a message in your Inbox!
  • Yes thanks have replied.
  • Surely there must be more than one TBer mentioned?

  • I know Joanna Nadin.. interesting.
  • (She lives in Bristol, like a gazillion other children's writers and writers in general.)
  • Hmm. I know several names in the mag, but only one TBer thus far.
  • Maybe that TBer hasn't seen their name in the magazine?
  • What page, Baggy?
  • Don't have my copy any more. But they have posted on here within the last hour or two.
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