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Who's In July 2015's Writing Magazines?



  • edited June 2015
    Aw thanks. It's about the impact a tragedy has on a husband and wife. Very shocked, but pleased, to have won. Enjoyed your piece too PM.
  • Very well done on your win, GS!
  • Congratulations, GS!
  • Well done, GS.
  • Congrats to GS - look forward to reading your story. Enjoyed both articles pm and b-r, both very useful!

    I hope you're not feeling proud of yourself, b-r... Oh go on then!
  • I made it on the short list on page 63. Along with another writer just a Milton Keynes knight's move away.
  • Well done, Spiresgate.
  • I've managed to get onto Page 54 - The True Face of Policing. As a word of warning about submissions, I've had some accepted in the past and they were published in the next month's issue but I sent this one in at the beginning of March and almost resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to be published. Glad to see that it has been and thankful to Tina Jackson for her support.

    Well done PM (not your real name is it?) and Goodsuspect. Both different but very enjoyable.
  • (not your real name is it?)
    More of a way off life.

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