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What's the weather like there?



  • Too hot so been inside.
  • We've had an hour of rain this evening
  • We were due rain for most of the night. Not a drop fell.
  • We had it all here, it was still raining at six am. The garden was smiling.
  • We had a small amount of rain overnight, but no thunderstorms.

    Complete cloud cover this morning, and cool.
  • Lizy, it sounds as if you had the rain we missed. Meteorologist on local radio yesterday promised torrential rain and thunderstorms. Instead it just became oppressive and not a drop of water fell. Was banking on rain to water the garden and lower the pollen count. Hay fever has been bad this year, especially the itchy eyes.
  • Still raining. A plant dish I left out contained an inch of water this morning, and the bird bath I emptied when I cut the lawn is full to the brim.
  • Feels uncomfortable at the moment. Darker clouds looming but no rain yet.

    Our local weather forecast had said thunderstorms about 2 a.m. but we didn't get any, only a light covering of rain.
  • Has started to rain, only light drops so far.

  • Raining. Quite heavy at the moment. I can see splashes in the birdbath. 
  • Cloudy most of the day. Sun late afternoon. Still sunny.
  • Still raining.
  • Raining, slow but consistent.
  • Great day for the ducks.  And me roses.  
  • Rain's heavier than earlier. At least the garden plants will get a good soak.
  • Sunny now, rain forecast for later.
  • Pouring! Put a jacket on because it feels chilly. :(
  • Totes gorge out there.


    Oh this cut and paste is the biz. I can have whatever weather I want
  • It's cold and wet- basically it's started raining again.
  • Still wet, though I managed half an hour shopping in the village between heavy showers.
  • Not had the forecast rain yet.
  • Stopped raining now.
  • Cloudy, warm, no rain.
  • Warmer, but still murky clouds lurking.
  • Forecast says it'll be dry all day so I put my washing out at half seven and now it is looking brighter out there.  Yaay.
  • The sun is trying to break through the clouds.
  • Cold. Very cold.
  • Cloudy, warm. Still no sign of the rain they keep forecasting.
  • Warmed up but the murky clouds are moving back in.
  • Finally! It rained overnight. Cloudy and cooler now.
  • Cold and wet.
  • Cool. We had rain late last night, but not a lot. Lots of cloud moving west to east.
  • Rained last night, looks as if it might rain again.
  • Cloudy.
  • Clouds and cool.
  • Wet.
  • Raining properly now. 
  • Still wet.
  • Today is laundry weather.  Bright, breezy, mild, dry, little bit of fluffy cloud present.
  • Sunny.
  • Sunshine, blue sky and big fluffy clouds.
  • sunny and warm
  • Sunny and warm all day.  B)
  • lovely evening

    we are blessed
  • Supposed to be cold again tonight, but pleasant at the moment.
  • is dark weather atm
  • Sunshine! 
  • Yep. Looking gooood for another fab day ahead. Woo hoo!
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