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What's the weather like there?



  • Raining.
  • Rain and wind.
  • Glad I did all the bedding laundry yesterday, that's all I can say.

    Although I will add, if I was a duck, I'd be feeling like a milliionaire today.

    Ay up me ducks, hope you enjoy your splishy splashy jumps in the puddles today.
  • The rotten weather is blowing away- for now- and I can see blue sky and fast moving clouds from my office window. Extremely windy.
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    Had a massive downpour that lasted about ten minutes. added about 7 litres to the water butt from the upturned water butt lids, small buckets and the trailer cover. Suspect there will be another downpour later.
  • A wet wet wet day!
  • Blue sky and swift passing clouds blowing in a westerly direction.
  • Wonderful day out there.

    Just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.  Sunshine and windy pops
  • Lovely. There's a breeze, but it's warm enough.
  • MMMM yeah   Larvely darling.
  • Warm, bright and breezy.
  • Sunny and warm.
  • Very warm and breezy. Things keep blowing off the desk. I'm leaving them on the floor!
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    Do they make a raspberry sound at the same time as leaving the desk, Wordy. 

    Furnace Friaday here. 
  • More of a whisper before they land on the keyboard. My desk is side-on to the open window. Even having a curtain across is no defence. A quick wander round the garden earlier revealed quite a few broken stems and leaves on the ground. Obviously a playful wind.
  • No wind here, playful or otherwise. It's too damned hot, I would welcome a storm!
  • SO HOT!!!!
  • Clouding over so I'm going to venture outside for a few minutes.
  • Thunder and rain storm here
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    Muggy, and I've heard thunder. Expecting the rain soon...

    Thunder, lightning and heavyrain.
  • Dull and breezy.
  • Slight breeze, but sun keeps being covered by lots of clouds, some of them dark. Though our local weather forecast last night did say we might get the odd shower or two during the day.
  • Beautiful evening. 

    Forecast for next week or so is looooking gooood yeah baby
  • Cooled down, so hoping for a comfortable night asleep.
  • Some dark clouds lurking, may get occasional rain today, but the temperature is fine.
  • Much cooler now.
  • Ooer. Bit of a chilly feeling around my extremities today. Brrr. 

    *dives into drawers and digs out thermals*
  • Miserable.
  • Lovely day down in deepest sussex
  • Windy and I think the random showers are approaching.
  • Gorgeous day with a breeze that's drying my washing beautifully.
  • Been uncomfortably warm this afternoon, but now rain.
  • Too hot for typing. Might have to pour a glass of wime and chill.
  • Rain has cleared, but think the temperature has not cooled completely.

  • Phew... B)
  • It's cooled a bit but still warm.
  • Lovely breeze but it's warming up.
  • Dull and warm.
  • Warmer.
  • Sunnier now, even warmer.
  • I can only manage five minutes outside- if that. It's 24 degrees.
  • Lovely indoors. Cool breeze in one winder and out another.  Glad I have trees and lots of bushes just ouside in my front garden, makes it cooler indoors plus sun is in back garden bow so I can avoid it by coming indoors. 
    Great day to dry washing. 
  • 32 degrees here. I'm a bit hot*

    *dripping sweat like a right porker
  • Sunny. Another hot one I think. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
  • TBH - Too Bloody Hot! We left Tenerife to get away from heat like this, though to be fair, this will end soon.
  • Cool and breezy, and there's complete cloud cover, no warmth at all.
  • It's really comfortable atm. Just lovely. 
  • Starting to warm up and I can see traces of blue sky now.
  • Cloud cover and a breeze, but expecting that to disappear by lunchtime.
  • Very pleasant here, working in my kitchen with a cool breeze popping in.   Lovely.

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