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I've decided to give newsletters a try. If you'd like to sign up to get the first one, you can do so here - http://patsycollins.us11.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=e3b725932fa649b131b7b44b6&id=89b981682e

Anyone else do one?


  • News about what? isn't that what a blog is for?
  • Newsletters are a good way of reaching out rather than waiting for someone to return to a blog. Very relevant if you want to promote new books.
  • So many blogs, so little time.

    A newsletter will help draw in readers who want to visit your blog more often than they do.

    There must be other people like me who don't blog themselves but DO like to read other people's blogs if they (I) could remember to. A newsletter will jog their memory your blog exists and give your blog priority over other bloggers who don't nudge their readers now and again to come visit.

  • News about what? isn't that what a blog is for?
    I did think that when I started mine, but it's become a blog for writers, rather than one about me. I can of course mention if I have a new book out or whatever but it's easy for people to miss a post like that and I don't want to keep posting the same thing as that's just annoying for readers who have seen it before.

    As Baggy and Dora say, a newsletter is a bit more direct and hard to miss. Plus people opt in and will only do so if they don't mind hearing my news - and they can easily unsubscribe if they've had enough.

  • It's another tool that indie authors ought to consider. It gives an author direct access to potential readers/customers. You can use newsletters to promote special events - free offers etc. It does take some time to cultivate the numbers, it's a long-term project.
  • Yes, it is - but that's probably true of all other routes?
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    Yes - but very worthwhile. Eventually you should see sales peak as a result of focused newsletter content.
  • But when should you start to do the newsletter thing?

    PM already has books out, while I haven't yet got to that stage. So when is the right time to set up a newsletter?
  • As Baggy is right that it will take a long time to get lots of people on the list, maybe now?

    You don't have to send out lots. I'm on a few lists and there's one person who does a monthly one. Some months the newsletter says there's nothing much to say. It might be better not to have a fixed schedule and only send one when there is news.

    I intend to have one fairly soon as a kind of test/introduction and then only when I have a new book out, special offer etc - and then I'll add in anything else I want to say.
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    Carol, you have to give people a reason to sign up. I would stick with your blog, build up a following for Serena and then launch a newsletter when you're ready to think about launching her book. If you do create one now, I'd be concerned that some subscribers might delete it before you can give them something meaty to read.

    I'd suggest signing up to some so you can get a feel for what works.
  • That was my thought Baggy. At the moment the blogs and website are what I need.

    I'm signed up to a few newsletters already, and most seem to do a monthly mail-out, which seems about right.

    I'll need the time to practice the technical aspects of putting one together... :-B
  • Ok - please enlighten me as to how to do a newsletter - is it my email? Is it on Word, or in the body? Can you give me a link or show me one somehow?

    Thank you!
  • I do a monthly one (signup here http://rjkind.co.uk/wp/) using mailchimp. I do one for Alfie Dog Fiction too - Liz it is very easy to use and up to a certain number is free. It also avoids spam problems and keeps a record of how many people open it and respond to links you include.
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    seems to have posted twice sorry! - or maybe not :)
  • So there are websites to do this through, mailchimp being one?

    Is there anything with a more poetic name?
  • there are others but they are not said to be as good.
  • It's only a provider, Liz - the name is widely known and respected.

    Here's one I received this morning:

  • That's rather an attractive thing, Baggy, thank you.
  • And can you see another use? The newsletter has a 'share' option and who knows how many others will then subscribe - subtle marketing.
  • Yes, a lot of people use Mailchimp for their newsletters. I've heard it is one of the better ones.
  • I'm using mail chimp. It's free for up to 2,000 subscribers. You can have more but then have to pay. There are restrictions on the number of emails/newsletters which can be sent each month. That varies according to how many subscribers you have, but I don't think many writers are likely to want to send them out weekly.

    If anyone wishes to sign up for mine just to see what it looks like and then unsubscribe after the first one, I won't mind at all. I imagine quite a few of the subscribers I have already are just curious.
  • Didn't the


    City Rollers used to issue a newsletter?

  • First one is scheduled to go out on 1st September.

    Putting it together wasn't too difficult. Once it's done it can be saved as a template, so the next one should be quicker and easier.
  • Did you use a particular computer system to put it together, PM ?
  • Just the mailchimp service.

    It's quite a lot like setting up a blog or website.
  • Ah, I didn't realise they had a system that did that bit, just assumed it did the sign-up bit and sending out for you.

    That makes it even easier.
  • You can schedule newsletters too. Handy if you know you'll be busy with other promotional stuff and don't want to have to rush or risk forgetting.
  • I take it you have to key in all your contact address, PM is that right?
  • PM, I am confused.

    I have been trying to set up one. Signed up etc. but when I tried to import addresses it gives lots of info about not sending any unsolicited ones.

    that's fine, but I can't make a 'campaign' without having addresses in there, and it won't upload my addresses plus I can't add it to my blog as free Wordpress does not accept plug ins.

    so how do you get people to sign up?
  • Dora and Liz, you need to creat a list and get people to sign up to it. You can't just add everyone on your contact list, or people who've given you their addresses for some other reason - otherwise you'd be spamming tham. It is possible to add individuals, but only if they've agreed to be added. (There's a box to tick to say they do)

    The mailing list sign up thing has a link (like the one for twitter and FB) that can be added to Wordpress sites.
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