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stop the world i want to get off

edited October 2015 in - Writing Tales
title says it all. Ideas falling out of the sky, competitions demanding to be entered, novels waiting to be written...and inbetween all this I have to eat, wash, launder...what to do??? Take last Sunday. Sunday dinner all in the oven, cooking nicely, and I thought that whilst waiting I'd glance through WM latest issue. Next thing I know there's a burning smell emanating from the kitchen. Rushed out there to find said joint burnt to a cinder, and a pan of potatoes boiled dry (they left their imprint on the base of the saucepan). I blame WM meself. There's too much in it. If my house burns down, will they compensate me? :)) :)


  • Maybe there should be a notice every few pages reminding people to check the oven?
  • Getting lost in writing is the bane of a writer's life. I always set a timer on the oven. It's useful not only to avoid culinary disasters, but it also acts as a reminder to leave the house on time.

    My brain is so full of stuff, I half expect it to fall out of my ears at some point, and leave an untidy pile of words and ideas to be swept up from the kitchen floor.
  • I set a timer too, because I can't smell, so have no idea that anything's wrong until it is beyond the point of no return. How come I can multi-task on just about anything except when it comes to cooking and writing?
  • LizLiz
    edited October 2015
    I have no idea how to set the timer on my oven, it's too complicated. Besides which, the red clock light is so ghastly in my cottage I turn it off.

    i solve the problem by never cooking anything. OH does it. He doesn't like burnt stuff.
  • Ha ha - if I had a muffin for every time I burnt something I'd be 20 stone!
  • Yep, burning the dinner seems to be the risk I take every time I decide to 'just read a few pages' while the dinner is cooking.
  • Ha ha - if I had a muffin for every time I burnt something I'd be 20 stone!
    Not a good look in the wet suit ;))
  • I'm sure it'd be enough to turn the head of a basking seal, C2.
  • Thanks. I like all the advice. Timers are a bit complicated. Best idea was Liz's, ie never cook anything.
  • I have a simple timer- only has a dial for an hour and it rings when the hour is up, but I find that okay as long as I don't ignore the pinging.
  • Like Liz, I burnt everything and my partner now does all the cooking. My kids are very grateful and I get time to write. It wasn't a deliberate plan honestly.
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