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Techy stuff re Twitter

edited November 2015 in Writing
Once a week or so I get an email saying someone new is following me on Twitter.
That's good to hear, though I only use Twitter to spread the web of my flash fiction - Twitter is another lesson I have yet to learn.

BUT - each email is headed 'Fiona Fath Ross (via Twitter) to Liz Young'.

Way back in the mists of time Fiona gave me some advice on TB and somehow this must have stuck. Is there anything I can do about it? Do these people think they're following Fiona or me?


  • How weird. I have a problem like this on Facebook - some Facebook notifications I get by email are headed with the name of someone I don't even know very well! It's very odd but I have no idea who to complain to...
  • Have a look through your settings. Or was it a DM?
  • What's a DM, Carol?
  • Direct message, Lizy.
    It's the envelope symbol on Twitter. You click it and can read any messages sent to you privately, and you can click at the top of the messages to confirm you've read them all.
  • I've just unfollowed you, so that I could refollow you. Did it on your page so Fiona shouldn't get a mention - what comes up?
  • Exactly the same, PM. Telling me I have a new follower - you - but still the FFR prefix in the heading.
  • There must be an explanation.
  • Yes. Can't think of one though.
  • What is your Twitter name, Lizy? Have you checked that everything is right in your profile/account setting?
  • Maybe if you go into email notifications and disable it, then enable it again, it will reset it.
  • I was thinking that. You could leave Twitter then rejoin, but you'd have to get your followers again.
  • I'll have a look at that tomorrow - brain needs recharging this time of day.
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