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I signed up to the writing subscription of 9.99 a month... Could be a dull moment but do I get a monthly magazine with that subscription or do I have to order the magazine?


  • AND if so, what date does it usually come?
  • I believe the 9.99 is a quarterly amount, so you get 3 monthly magazines for that - by signing up you have ordered the magazine.
    The mags usually arrive in the first week of a month, but can vary due to postal issues.
    If you are paying 9.99 a month then I'm not sure what you have ordered as that is very expensive!
  • Oooh... perhaps Webbo comes and reads it to you?
  • haha yeah, sorry I meant 9.99 a quarter! And thanks!
  • Now you are here why not join in with our forum chats too? There is a 'welcome writers' category where you can introduce yourself if you would like to.
  • And you can join in the regular monthly who's in (insert month) writing magazines thread. The more the merrier.
  • Oooh... perhaps Webbo comes and reads it to you?
    The best bit is when he acts out the cartoons.
  • hey moll! And aye, I will try and navigate myself there.
  • My issue has just arrived so maybe you'll get yours today. They do seem to arrive over a period of a week or so though so don't panic if it doesn't arrive.
  • We're all a bit confused about one thing or another around here so you should fit in very well, John.

  • Confused? Who's confused?

    Who said that?

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