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Agent rejections

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Second agent rejection came winging its way back today :( The first rejection took a week, this one took 3 days… I keep reading it can take weeks for an agent to reply, so I guess they must instantly see that my picture book MS must be rubbish! Still, got a big list to work through in the Writers Yearbook who are all waiting to turn me down too, better get to it!


  • It's always worth checking the agents website to make sure they're still covering the type of book you're submitting.
    Info can change between the time the Yearbook goes to print and is published, so by the time you submit requirements can change.
  • Don't be disheartened. It is a truth universally acknowledged that any writer in possession of a manuscript will meet with a catalogue of rejections. It is incredibly hard to secure an agent, but keep at it. You just need to hit on the right one.
  • That's bad luck, Karen, but a picture book presumably takes much less time to read than, say, the first 5000 words of a novel plus its synopsis.

    Also they could clearing their in-trays for Christmas.

    And two rejections are nothing - you should see my list of them!

    Chin up, and take a good hard look over the holidays at how you're presenting your book.
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    I hadn't thought of it like that, that a picture book MS is quick to read! I must develop a thicker skin because there will be plenty more rejections to come!

    I did read somewhere that submitting anything before Christmas isn't a good idea, and perhaps February time might be better? Anyone have any thoughts on the best time of year to submit?
  • Check when the major book fairs are and avoid them.
  • January/February, children's publishers get their lists together. Don't know about agents. Shouldn't think it would matter?
  • Oh.. also, I'd got to publishers not agents, the ones that are accepting, anyway.

    Have you remembered to put in your last paragraph that you have other ideas and have started on your next book? That is one of the most important things they will want to know - that you aren't a one hit wonder.
  • Thanks Liz, will definitely trawl through my copies of WM and research the publishing houses I've seen mentioned previously. Yes, I have added in about my next projects. Perhaps my covering letters could be stronger so will work on that. Trying to strike a balance of 'professional-yet-friendly-and-nice-but-not-desperate'!
  • I sent out queries a week and a half ago and only one has gotten back to me, it was a rejection. It was on the basis that they think the fantasy genre is 'depressed' right now. Which in turn, depressed me! ahah

    But Liz I have not mentioned that I'm working on my next book in the series either, I think I will update my query. It's annoying because there are only a hand full of British fantasy agents from what I can see, but a lot of American.

    But know that you are not alone Karen, I too am anxiously checking my emails and mentally torturing myself. All in the name of writing, ey.
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