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New - please be gentle

edited December 2015 in Writing
Hi all... another new recruit to the online writing community.
I'm not quite sure what to expect from here, but hoping for support, advice, hints & tips and all that malarkey.

I have dreamed of being a writer ever since I was at school but never really did anything about it until a recent redundancy, when I took an online course on creative writing and managed to cobble a few items together (one of which actually got published in a magazine)

Now I am (again) gainfully employed, which is both a curse and a blessing as I have very little time to write but, through work, I am exposed to so many situations and people that I have loads of
ideas and inspirations for stories/scenes that I don't know what to do with them all. I am also worried about using these stories as they involve peoples memories and life tales, and also some of the best stories I have heard would be quite readily identifiable if I were to write them down. Is this a problem many others have had to deal with?

Like most of the people here, my dream is to have a novel published.
i have carried a few plot lines with me for many many years, most of which have been merged, mixed, separated again and altered so many times.
One of my main worries is that my three main ideas all seem to fall within different 'genres' and I don't know if that is a common thing, or have I just not found my style yet?

I have a modern crime thriller quite well into development, a sort of satirical 'Tartan noir' story (Think Christopher Brookmyre);
I am also fairly well on with a serial, about a young museum researcher, which varies between children's book / young adult, but I worry that it's a bit old fashioned in style. I began it as a story for my 7 year old daughter (she's now 20!!) and I have no idea which direction to develop it in.
My third one is a fantasy fiction novel, which is less of a story or plot but more based on a world which I have imagined, so as description goes it's pretty well developed, I just need something to happen!

Anyway, nice to be here, I hope to be an active participant on the forum; advice given as well as taken ;)


  • Hello, dasco66. :)
  • Hi and welcome. I am relatively new here too. Sounds like you have a lot of ideas!

    May I ask, what is your current employment? Sounds like it is an interesting field!
  • Hello and welcome.
  • Welcome dasco66.
  • Welcome Dasco - I have spreadsheets packed with ideas for novels/short stories/ serial possibilities - depressingly more ideas than ill ever be able to cobble into manuscripts - I also work full time so what you need to do is focus on one thing st a time pick out what you think Is your strongest idea/plot and spend time developing that otherwise you'll just flit about and never get it finished. Good luck
  • Hi there.
    Some of your ideas for stories/scenes may translate in to flash fiction for our monthly One Word Challenge. How about giving that a try ... just for fun. (See pinned post at the top of Discussions for details)
  • Hello, and welcome!
  • Well you could write about a kilt-wearing detective and his museum researcher sidekick set in a well-developed fantasy world.

    Hi :-h
  • Welcome, dasco66 - if you're a writer, you carry a cast of thousands in your head. It's perfectly natural (but non-writers won't understand!)
  • Welcome! I had my first novel published this year and am still basking in the happy glow. Good luck with yours!
  • Welcome dasco66, hope you reach your dream?

    I'm sure we can manage that. Welcome to the board.
  • Hi there, dasco, and welcome to the forum.

    It sounds like you're brimming with ideas and, slowly but surely, you'll work your way through and pop out the other side with a few books under your belt! Good luck with the journey. You'll find lots of advice and support here whenever you need it.
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