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Needed to synonym

Can anyone suggest another way of saying 'needed to'. As I'm writing a short story and the main character keeps needing to do jobs (sometimes she decides she needs to) and apart from 'had to' I can't think of another way to say 'needed to'.


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    Was compelled to, was required to, thought she must, it was necessary/essential.

    Changing the sentence structure might give you more options and introduce variety.
  • Next on her to do list is ...

    Or show why the job is important.
  • Both great suggestions thanks.
  • Next was the task of...
    After... she...
    Having... she turned her attention to...
    'Oh, the...' she thought (without speech marks)
    It didn't take her long to...
    Before she could get round to... she...
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    was obliged to, must do, felt compelled to, really ought to, couldn't resist the urge to, was driven to
  • I feel sorry for her. She must be exhausted!
  • Unless 'need to do' is an essential theme, or device, why make a list? Just have her do whatever...
  • I feel sorry for her. She must be exhausted!
    I felt quite weary just typing that list, TN - and rather inadequate. I rarely feel the need/urge/overwhelming desire/drive to do anything.
  • LizLiz
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  • Hahahaha.

    I could never work in a coffee shop because every time someone asked if they could 'get' a coffee, I'd have to say "No, I'm sorry, customers aren't allowed behind the counter."
  • Or if they can 'grab' one...

    Yes, go ahead if you don't mind being covered in scalding coffee as the paper cup buckles.
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