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Has anyone had this? I have it severely down my right arm and shoulder. I've been to A&E twice about it and all they have suggested is painkillers. That's not great when I'm off work because it is so painful I can't even write on the board or carry bags of books.

What can I do to help it and get rid of the pain? Any suggestions?


  • Yeah I've had it before. Usually the general advice now is painkillers/anti-inflams, heat sometimes help (I.e. one of those microwavable wheat bags) and careful, slow stretches and range of motion exercises of the neck and shoulders.
  • How long did it take to go, Jediya?
  • Mine has always been my neck. But generally it's as Jediya describes. It's basically time to recover.
  • Did yours go fully, Carol?
  • Yes, the first time it took about 2-4 weeks.
  • That's not bad. Did you manage to do much while you were getting better? Did you manage to go to work?
  • I wasn't working at the time, and in those days they put a soft collar on- had to use it for two weeks and only take off at night. That was 25 years ago of course, and treatment has changed a lot since then.

    Just take it easy , keep the limb mobile but don't overdo it. Then it's up to your individual physiology as to how you recover...
  • Mine took a couple of weeks. Keeping you're neck and shoulders moving rather than holding them still helps to ease it quicker. But as Carol said don't overdo it.

    I was working in a school as a technician at the time. Movements were limited and I couldn't carry as much as I would normally due to the pain. If something causes too much pain, it's best not to do it (at least not too long/to same extent) as it could affect the recovery time.

    Hope it gets better soon.
  • It is very much about listening to your body. If something starts hurting more then stop, that's your body telling you stop.

    If you do have to do stuff then take regular breaks.
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    It happened over a week ago and I went back to work yesterday after being off for the Easter break. I'm off today as yesterday the pain was really bad. It was fine over the Easter break, as I wasn't really doing much. Yesterday I was more active than I had been since it happened.
  • I would recommend buying a TENS machine from the chemist. They send tiny electrical pulses through the muscle which eases the pain and reduces the spasm, thus giving analgesics a chance to work.
  • Agree. Tens is like magic and just realised I could use it on my neck, which I have hurt...
  • I was given a soft collar and painkillers, but advised not to wear the collar all the time. Try and take it easy if you can depending on your circumstances.
  • I found the soft collar really helped, because it stopped me moving my head too quickly- you forget it hurts so much.
  • They said they don't give out collars any more. The pain is getting better. The only issue is that it is affecting my right arm and hand. My typing and writing hand :((

    I have got so much I want to write, but I can't. :(
  • Was it hospital who gave you the advice? Maybe ask your pharmacist. I have never had whiplash (that I know of) but have hurt/sprained/twisted body parts many times. What about a deep heat rub? Is it muscular or joints? Sorry, I really have no idea, but maybe arnica? If pain is severe I think Paramol is the strongest over the counter pain killer you can get. Hope you get better soon!
  • Hospital. Have had a hot stone massage. The tingling has gone in my arm. Now it is a pain just above the elbow and one above the shoulder that feels like something is rubbing against something it shouldn't.

    Annoyed it is stopping me from typing and writing.
  • Been there, know exactly what you mean. Sounds like heat works well for you.
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