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Hi there. Newbie on board!

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Hi there!

Just thought I'd introduce myself. Drafting an ebook right now, adapting this into a film script too. In need of support from other creatives, so I've come onboard to 'Talkback'.

Hope to be able to join in discussions on here and get to know a few of the characters here, too. Should be fun...!


  • Morning and welcome, Lydia :)

    What genre do you work in most? (please say horror, please say horror)
  • Sorry to disappoint, but definitely NOT horror! Gritty reality on life, love and relationships. Writ Large..
  • Hello Lydia, welcome to the board. :)
  • Thanks, Carol. Glad to be here. Should prove enjoyable...
  • Welcome to TB, Lydia.

    Lots of gritty reality here... what we eat, the weather, what we were doing 'just then' (not writing!).
  • Thanks for the welcome! Shall be venturing around at leisure, to see what discussions are going on.. Fun!
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    Do you have any connection to Lydia the Tattooed Lady ?

    I have to check, because we get a lot of strange people in here...
  • Nope. That's not me, but she does sound intriguing, whoever she is!?

    Trying to stand out as an individual with my own unique selling point on life. Difficult to do, in the chock-a-block territory of this modern day world..
  • I'm sorry, I may have confused you with Fanlight Fanny the Frousty Nightclub Queen.

    My memory serves me ill, of late
  • Well, they sound like real characters from a film of ole!?

    They would certainly have livened up the plot, but I think things have got a bit more sophisticated than that, in today's films! Nice ideas, though.

  • Silly me.

    I know my lack of sophistication impacts on my writing, it gives me sleepless nights.

    I have had intensive counselling, both financially and mentally debilitating, but to little avail.

  • Lydia the Tattooed Lady is a Marx Brothers invention:
    'Lydia oh Lydia, the encyclo-pidia,
    It's Lydia the ta-attooed lady.'

    Welcome, Lydia the untattooed lady!
    As you will have gathered, this is a place where all are welcome, even those who, perhaps, shouldn't be let out on their own after dark. Or before dark, come to that.

  • I think Webbo should know about these people, Mrs B. Standards must be maintained
  • Standards? I see no standards.
  • Great that you can recall characters from films of yore! Wish my memory was that clear! I can visualise the stars from ole, but the plots and characters have faded somewhat! Perhaps I should revisit some of my old favourites??
  • I can only remember that because one of my student friends in the 70s used to sing it.

    Unlike the 60s, if you can remember the 70s you were there.
  • Can barely recall most things these days...! Perhaps I need a prompter like your student friend...?!
  • Hi lydia. Waves.
  • Waves back to ya, Lizy!
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    Thanks Mrs B, I'd been humming that tune for days after seeing Lydia enrol on TB and singing 'Lydia oh Lydia' but for the life of me couldn't remember the rest of it!

    Hi de hi Lydia.
  • Anyone recall 'Love for Lydia', with the actress, Mel Martin? From the late 70's? Bought the DVD of this. Must get around to watching it once more. Eroticised the idea of romantic love to me all those years ago..
  • Hello and welcome, Lydia :)
  • edited May 2016
    Lydia, I do remember the series, and in particular the actress's delicate face. Based partly on the life of H E Bates, who wrote The Darling Buds of May.

    I included a youtube clip there for dora of Groucho singing the song, but it won't post. You'll have to google it.
  • Welcome Lydia, you have come to the right place some are mad, but they add to plot writing if looking for a mad character :-\" mentions no names.
  • Yeah. Delicate features. Recall that well, and she still looks good for age, these days, as I saw her acting in a recent programme, where her delicate nature was still evident.

    That must have been what drew me to her acting, back then. Absolutely hypnotised by her, in that play.

    Bit hesitant to rewatch it now, in case it debunks a lot of the myths I had back then about that tale.. That's writing, indeed. Love. Writ large. On a scale of West Side Story proportions...
  • Thanks for the welcome!
  • Hi Lydia.
  • Hi Phots Moll!
  • Hello, Lydia, welcome!
  • Hello, Lydia. =;
  • Hi Cath!
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