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Competition Etiquette/Rules

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Hi Folks. Just wondered if anyone could clarify the rules/etiquette for submitting a piece of work to a competition? If a piece has received a 'commendation' in a competition, would it be possible to submit it to a different competition or not? Does a 'commendation' count as 'winning a prize'? Thanks.


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    That might depend on what the commendation included, e.g was it published, or did you receive a prize for it? Or was it just the mention?

    If it was just a mention it was commended then I don't see any problem using it elsewhere.

    BUT you do need to look at what the rules of the potential competition say. If you're in any doubts email the organisers and ask.

  • What Carol said.
  • Isn't a 'commendation' beneath (with respect) a 'short listing'? My view is that the contest organiser would readily accept the entry, but as always, be safe and follow Carol's advice. Gee, that sounds like I'm sitting on the fence!
  • Isn't a 'commendation' beneath (with respect) a 'short listing'?
    That's an interesting question. I would say that any story which receives a commendation is surely a story that must have been shortlisted?
  • Depends on the comp. Bridport commended is a small subset of the shortlist and wins a cash prize along with the placed entries. Others are the other way round. I interpret 'won a prize' as above - received cash or other goodies.
  • These are examples of why it really depends on what the rules say.

    Most competition organisers will be happy to clarify grey areas. They may not have realised the point was unclear, and can amend the details.

  • Thank you for your help. I got a certificate through the post and the website said 'winning poems will be published on (web name)'. I wouldn't have thought a certificate counted, but as it's not really clear and nothing has been published online as yet, I will contact the organiser. Many thanks again.
  • If they have the right to publish then you can't enter the piece in a competition which wants unpublished work, even if the work hasn't gone online at the time of entry.
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