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Willoughby Bookclub/Goodreads/Judge a book by its cover

edited November 2016 in - Reading
Hi all, sorry if this has been asked before, but I was just curious too know how many people have discoverd books either by goodreads/bookclubs/seeing a book in the shops ( or bought one just because it is illustrated by a favourite, even if you know little about the book )
So far I have discovered, and enjoyed
- The journal of best practices, david finch via goodread recommendations
- A face like glass, frances hardinge, via a willoughby bookclub subscription, and
- The 13 1/2 lives of Captain Bluebear, a novel, by Walter Moers, by seeing the book in waterstones and buying it purely based on the cover ( and the illustrations inside )
I have also bought a few books just because they are illustrated by chris riddell - island by nicky singer and odd and the forst giants by neil gaiman, though i haven't got around to reading them yet.

What books have you discovered in this way?


  • I doubt I'd ever buy a book just because I liked the cover illustration - but I do quite often pick them up for a closer look because the cover appeals and they don't all get put down again.
  • Lots, I expect. I love books that appeal to all my senses. Love Chris Riddell, last time I saw him he was illustrating the CLPE awards live and it was hilarious.
  • A good cover will get me picking up the book, but then it's dependent on the blurb and the start and finish of the book.
  • I always reach for thriller covers, but the title must grab me too. Once it's in my hand, I will read the blurb. If the first line of that doesn't grab me, I will put it back.
  • The first line? Ferocious woman!!

    Yes, Emily. I have, although I can't mention anything specific at the moment. For me, buying books is akin to buying groceries: if there's an offer of one pound off, I'm there!!

    Have discovered some good books this way, and, of course, some absolute shockers.
  • Ah, yes, blurbs help too. Yeah, titles can be a great drawing in point, or even just the name of the authour. I tend to food shop on 'pretty packaging' so it has come across on book shopping too.
    Id love to meet chris riddell Liz, he is amazing!
  • I saw him at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. He was very talented, just sitting there chatting and drawing. It all came up on a screen behind him. He gave away lots of signed pictures to children.

    Damn. I should have worn my hair in bunches.
  • I mostly go by creditable reviews and word of mouth. I always read a bit before buying.
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