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Adapting to the demographics?

edited November 2016 in - Writing Problems
from the eighties. The Mighty Wah, 'Story of the Blues...'. Maybe that's mine....?


  • Another question.
    I didn't read beyond that as my answer remains the same - get the first draft written before worrying about anything else.
  • You have asked all these questions before and people have taken a lot of time responding.
    Have you sent your sample off for assessment yet? If not, why not. If so, wait and see what it says. Then do some writing.
  • Yeah. I'm waiting for the return of it. Should have got it back after four days. So bit reluctant to do anymore writing while I am waiting to hear of how it reads and how to proceed on with this..

    Just usual, worrying. And you're absolutely right. It is a redundant question so I'll just edit it out and look at the previous answers.
  • Ah, it's edited. That's why I couldn't work it out.

    Don't worry about the delay, Lydia. Perhaps the reader's so enthralled with your story that they've decided to read it a second time just to absorb all the subtexts and authentic writing. So stop worrying!
  • Please see the new discussion on the advice given to me by that reader service...
  • Still might complete that story already started, following the reader's advice. Just lots of extra writing to do..
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