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Just a mo

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... to say I hope everyone had a good Christmas and that it was better for Dora than she expected. I certainly did and, after New Year, am now left with goodies in the eatable and drinkable category that will completely put paid to any necessary weight loss for a while.

(By the way, if anyone gets a chance to see the Christmas show on Cromer Pier in the future, do. It's always well done. The Summer show as well.)


  • Yes, thank you. I had a good Chrissy also.

    There is such a thing as 'sharing' those left over eatable and drinkable goodies. Just drop them into the Scoff Thread. A couple of usernames come to mind who would totally demolish every last crumb and drop!!
  • Glad you had a good Christmas, Iceni.

    If you want to catch-up on the Christmas greetings, over on page 2 you'll find two Talkback traditions, A Christmas card and Tatty Teddy.
  • Nice thread! Glad you enjoyed your Christmas, Iceni. :)
  • Ta luvvie

    It were reet grand it were
  • edited January 2017
    I had a nice Christmas but it was tinged with sadness as it's the first without my younger sister. I'm hoping 2017 will be a healthy year for everyone.

  • Don't forget food banks for any in date goodies. They also take toiletries if you've been given any smellies you don't want.
  • Seaview, sorry to hear that - it must have been sad.
  • I had a quiet one, thank you , somewhat marred by coughs and colds like so many others.
    Seaview - so sad for you. Hugs
  • Sorry to read some sad news here amongst the good.
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