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Posted in wrong place - please delete.

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Posted in wrong place - sorry!


  • Hello Andy, welcome. You won't get away with that here. Everyone has to speculate as to what you said.

  • And where you intended to say it.
  • i know! Where could it be?
  • Yeah, look what happened to MY post I flagged for deletion!! :D
  • edited January 2017
    Tried to post my e-book link, but chose the wrong place - sorry, still finding my way around here! :) It's a shame it won't just let me delete it myself.
  • No way. You don't get the 'special button' for quite a while yet!
  • And even when you do, you won't be allowed to press it.
  • No. It's just to lull you into a false sense of security. They know without some sort of safety mechanism we'd be loathe to post at all so they pretend we can take it all back.

    But now you know... sooner than most... that you are doomed.

  • There will be a Womens' protest march in Leeds on Saturday if this gets deleted
  • Are you organising it, SM?
  • I have more than enough problems already, with protesting women. Thank you for thinking of me.
  • A 'wrong place' poster, I hear?

    Does he *know* what happens to them, I wonder?

    I hope Webbo has updated the hatch.
  • I hear he oiled it last week. *waits*
  • Oh dear, what have I started???? :-O
  • In at the deep end, Andy! Heehee
  • I could delete this thread for you, Andy, but it seems a bit late now. ;)

  • Yes, too late, Andy. Toooooo laaaaate....
  • ...she cried, as the ship went down.
  • We don't delete people for posting in the wrong place. That would be rude.
  • I think we need to bring up Jaffa cakes.
  • I could delete this thread for you, Andy, but it seems a bit late now. ;)

    . . . and why would you delete a top ranking thread?

  • I think we need to bring up Jaffa cakes.
    Like furballs?

    Or is that just on Fridays?
  • You know what i mean. Andy doesn't know yet about his Jaffa obligations.
  • I'd prefer you to leave my Jaffa obligations out of it. :/
  • I'm afraid we can't. It's a condition. You may have missed the conditions, the writing is very small. And in invisible ink.

    Basically every coffee break, as newest member, you have to supply enough Jaffa cakes for us all.
  • Has anyone mentioned the 'advance' of Hot Cross buns?
  • Has anyone mentioned the 'advance' of Hot Cross buns?
    Nope. We're easing him in gently.
  • Uh-oh. I've started to salivate.
  • I can do scones if you like, but only if you promise to pronounce it to rhyme with 'stones'.
  • Well, that's that. A scoaner, not a sconner. I'm re-thinking that deletion option. I'm re-thinking the being rude option too. Far too Hyacinth Bucket for my liking.
  • MISSES Bear! I would love a scone, thank you, as long as it isn't literally stone-like...

    With Jam and clotted cream, thank you.

    And tea. Oat milk, no sugar.

    And a Jaffa cake for afters.
  • Me too Liz.
  • . . . A scoaner, not a sconner . . .
    This has always interested me. Anyone know the 'history' of the 'scone'/'scon' argument? Or is it merely 'regional' in the same mould as 'Doncaster'/'DoncaRster'?

  • Scone as in gone.

    Because that's what happens to them.
  • Sconn - with jam first - and who says Doncarster? That's sacrilege.
  • So is pronouncing Bath with a short 'a'.
  • Sconn - with jam first - and who says Doncarster? That's sacrilege.
    Who says DonCaster?……It's Donny.
  • Sconn. It's my Northern roots showing.
    According to the OED, scoan is more usual in the US; but it's also associated with the south of England and the middle class. Sconn is northern and working class.
    Origin: early 16th century, originally Scots, possibly from Middle Dutch, schoon(brot) - fine(bread).
    Sconn was only ever butter and jam up north - none of this cream lark. That's a West Country habit.
  • Mum used to scald the milk in summer and Pa would put the skin that formed on a scone. Or if Mum hadn't made any, on bread and jam. We were poor but happy.
  • Mick Jagger wasn't lead singer with The Rolling Stonns, you know. :) And I like my scones straight from the oven with strawberry jam and melting butter. :-*
  • Ah, but stone comes from the Anglo-Saxon, not Middle Dutch. Different roots, different sounds. Straight from the oven? Spoiled rotten, you are!
  • Surely Schoon, being a long sound, is closer to scoan than sconn.
  • Scone/stone and I'm from Derbyshire. Jaffa cakes down to 50p in Tesco today. Prefer Burtons teacakes myself.
  • edited January 2017
    ana s said: Jaffa cakes down to 50p in Tesco today

    Aha! THAT'S why Talkback is so quiet this afternoon!!
  • I'd rather have chocolate digestives. Is one allowed to admit that on TB?

    *runs and hides*
  • A piece of dark chocolate on its own is good. The second piece is better. Any more is pure indulgence, which is to be encouraged.
  • At this time of an eve, surely the question is

    Lartay or lattay when requesting latte?
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