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My Writers' Group.

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**The title says "My Writers' Group". I should make it clear that it's not "mine". It's simply the one I have begun attending.**

Well, today was my 3rd attendance at said WG. The standard of work read by each member is, to my mind, extremely good. Varied in style and content, it always is a delight to hear what other writers have prepared. Some write specifically on the theme set at the last meeting, others read from their work in progress.

The critiques are considered, constructive and very helpful and always aimed at providing positive routes/suggestions to apply to the pieces.

My attendance at a local creative writing class, the writers' group and this very forum, have helped enthuse my writing.

I have, so far, read two chapters from the story, my GAN (Great American Novel), which I have working on for a while now. One chapter is set in the "present" of my tale, the other in the "past". I intend to interweave them so that the narrative builds tension and, with any luck, an interesting story.

Both pieces have been very well received and other members have expressed much interest in finding out how the tale progresses. The comments given have helped me to believe that, actually, I can write.

I just need to do more of it!


  • Sounds very, very encouraging.

    Crack on!
  • Sounding good!
  • Very good.
  • Great stuff, Kramer. It's wonderful when your writing is validated by others. Good luck with your project. :)
  • edited March 2017
    I have spent the evening writing away in my preferred application of Ulysses (well worth a try, I have found that it helps my writing style).

    Anyway, concentrated on one single chapter tonight and have amended quite a lot of it, adding new details and enhancing it. The word count has almost doubled to 1000 words.

    Overall, I am very pleased. Since getting myself a subscription to WM at Christmas, it has really inspired me to "get going" with things. I have joined a writers' group, a creative wring course, submitted an entry to a WM competition, writing several pieces which I would not have done otherwise and, most happily, cracked on with "The Kerning".

    Happy smiley face time.
  • Keep going kramer!
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