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United Press?

edited March 2017 in Writing
I can't find their site. Have they packed up or what?


  • I reckon it is Carol. Peter Quinn as mentioned was the MD. Looks as though they've snuffed it. I thought something was awry when the website went punkish a while ago. Thanks and happy writing.
  • Just a shame it's taken so long for them to go out of business.
  • Why didn't you approve of United Press?
  • They published a poem of mine, years ago, in an anthology. I didn't know anything about them really; I submitted as part of a competition. They published it as a runner up prize, and I got a free copy of the anthology. It cost me nothing apart from the stamp to send my entry in. So I never perceived them as dodgy, trying to get something out of me. But as I said, I never knew anything about them really.
  • edited April 2017
    I thought they were okay. Most of the comps. were free and there was no obligation to buy any of the publications.
  • They improved a lot, but it was all the years before.
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