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Font style and size and spacing?

edited April 2017 in Writing
Seeking help from you old hands at writing... when you're submitting work and the format is not specified, what's your preferred font style and size?

I've been using Calibri, size 12, but I read that for long stretches of text a serif font like Times New Roman is easier to read and the US Supreme Court requires legal papers to be written in a Century-style font because it's so legible.

And do you always double space?


  • Unless specified I always use TNR, 12 point, double line spaced (single line spaced for poems).

    I also number pages and include the name of the story, my name and email address in the footer. (Unless it is for a comp that needs to be anonymous).
  • What Heather says.
  • edited April 2017
    And turn off the extra line between paragraphs if you're using Word.
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