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Software for social media?

Want to weed out and prevent fake accounts from all of my social media sites. Can anyone recommend any software, preferably free, which can be used? The sites in question are twitter, tumblr, Wordpress, Facebook, Instagram.


  • Twitter, look at the person's profile, that will often tell you all you need to know.
  • Same with FB. If they haven't written any posts, they are fake.

    You shouldn't follow anyone blindly. It's a mutual relationship. The idea is that you are interested in what each other has to say. I always check out everyone before following.
  • Lydia, be wary of any free software programs for that. Many would be riddled with scam and hijacking Trojans. Just carefully vet and 'friend' requests.
  • Well, again, this all sounds like good advice, but sometimes when I have checked out other accounts, on my twitter account, there have been one or two whose posts suggest to me that they might not be genuine. Just a hunch.

    Just wondering if that could affect your sites if you, somehow, get too many fake accounts? Is it something to be worried about?
  • You don't have to do 'like for like' so just don't reciprocate with anyone who looks dodgy! It won't harm you if they follow you.
  • And those that do have posts, look to see what they've posted/retweeted, look at their followers list, and who they follow- it will tell you a lot about how genuine they are.
  • Thanks for all these sensible pieces of advice. I shall take heed of them and apply them to my accounts..
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