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Creative Writing class....Poetry week

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Last Friday, April 7 2017, my creative writing class was concerned with poetry.

I enjoy some poetry, mostly memorable ones from my childhood, especially "If" by Kipling, but, aside from one poem that I wrote for WM magazine competition, it is not an area I am overly familiar with.

Our first challenge was to write an acrostic poem. The word I chose as the basis for my poem and my initial intent when beginning to write it turned out very different in the end. The class left me very drained.


We also tried our hand at haiku, tankas and thirteen word poems. My attempts at these are also on the blog.


  • Haiku - there is no plural.
  • (Love the acrostic. Excellent, very hard to write so it is natural.)
  • Great acrostic, Kramer! I loved the monosyllabic 'Dead'. It worked perfectly.

    They are done a lot in schools so that children have a 'simple' structure to follow, but I think they can be difficult to get right.
  • Haiku - there is no plural.
    Thank you.

  • Did a course on writing haiku with a master and oh, my goodness... a group of poets and I did it just to be able to if we were asked. Many gave up. Not everyone can do it. It is very hard. And most people have no idea what a haiku is - even those supposedly 'teaching' how to write one. I can't get my head round that - like teaching someone to write a limerick with too many lines and the wrong rhythm. Seaview on here is the expert. she is a wonderful haiku poet, and senryu.
  • C2C2
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    Oh, my goodness indeed, Liz. I've not long finished my first course with same master. I'm enjoying the experience of learning this form of poetry. Marion has fantastic work and her haiga is amazing.

    A heartfelt acrostic, Kramer. Well done.
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