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Iclouds or Dropbox?

Want to upload some photos/videos, from off the net, onto my social media sites. Need to first create a photo/video library in dropbox or icloud and then download them onto my social media accounts? Which one of these would be the simplest to do this by?


  • Why wouldn't you just upload them directly to social media?
  • I thought you had to upload them from your photo library? It seems when I have been on Wattpad, for instance, and tapped onto changing the profile or background, it is indicating that I'd have to upload a photo from my photo album or Dropbox???
  • Sometimes websites want you to provide a link to a picture rather than uploading it (for our profile pictures on here for instance) because it saves them having to have thousands of pictures taking up server space. With social media they expect you to be uploading a lot of pics, so they have more than enough space to accommodate...field size server rooms, so you can just upload straight from your computer.
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