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Where to publish

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I'm thinking of putting my book, chapter by chapter, like little short stories all linked, on my blog. Has anyone else done this?


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    I've seen it done in reverse – blogs transferred into books. That author did it because so many people posted comments saying they'd love to read it all in one unbroken chunk, in a book. Even though they had read it, they still bought it to read again.

    Why would you want to give it away like that when you've gone through the publishing process?
  • You could do it, but the chunks would need to be quite short, I think. A large section of text in a blog post seems to put people off.

    I'm with Baggy in wondering why you'd want to do this.
  • I could understand putting the first couple of hundred words up as a teaser with a link to buy the whole thing.

    But why give it away chapter by chapter and earn nothing from your hard work.

  • Has anyone else done this?
    Stephen King did it years ago, certainly before the vast amount of social media we have now. You might draw people in, but it would be more effective if you have other sales opportunities available on your blog site. As others have said, it does seem 'inconvenient' now, given the plethora of material avail for Kindles and e readers.

  • I should have also mentioned, on a more positive note, that that is how EL James started; by publishing snapshots of '50 Shades' on her blog.
  • It wasnt hard work at all, I loved every minute of it, the story just flows and as many people say, sometimes it seemed to write itself and looking at it again after a period of time had elapsed, I was surprised at some of it as I had no memory of writing it. I just wanted to share the story but not have the faff of self publishing, technically challenged you see. But thanks for your comments, the balance of opinion seems to be that it's silly to give it away. My choice though...
  • Sorry, I thought it had already been published.

    Self-publishing isn't something that need worry you. You don't need any technical skills – just a Word document and a cover. Even the cover can be downloaded within minutes.

    Several of us on here have successfully self-published books and there's a wealth of advice available here and elsewhere.
  • My choice though...

    I (and the others who've commented probably feel the same way) don't want you to rush into something you might later regret. If you've thought it through and still want to do it then go right head.
  • As an alternative, I believe you can do a similar thing on Wattpad with a better chance of finding readers and being 'spotted'.
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