Aaargh! Techie help needed with pdf!

edited April 2017 in Writing
Help! I'm trying to respond to my publisher's comments on the pdf of a book. I've done this before and it's been fine. I've typed my replies to the comments and clicked save as, as normal, but it just goes to a white window and nothing happens. Basically I can't save so I can't send it back! Any ideas?


  • I've found a sort of solution... signed up to Adobe Cloud, uploaded it to the cloud, then downloaded it again! Sigh! What a fiddle.
  • Glad you sorted it out, Lou. (Not that I could have offered you any techie help!!)
  • It's always the way, isn't it? As soon as you pose a question you suddenly find a solution! A bit like when I ask for directions - I'm always there already or it's behind me!
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