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My daughter's company erects mobile phone masts, which necessitates sending letters to Town Councillors.
One such TC emailed complaining their admin had put too little postage on his letter, which meant he didn't have 14 days to consider their plans. He therefore had to call an Extraordinary Council Meeting to discuss the matter, at 'great incontinence to himself'.



  • Lol!
  • Can anyone top this?
  • My husband glanced at a sign and thought it said 'building with negligence' which wouldn't have been a great advert!
    It actually said 'building with intelligence'.
  • We usually consider what Councillors say is rubbish anyway!

    Years ago when I worked for a retail company, some minion from Head Office sent a letter which covered a full A4 sheet to say that '....prices were being revised in an upward direction...'

    This is what happens when you let someone loose with the authority to write letters !

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  • Ooh! Young men with muscles?
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