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I send the draft version of my novel to a chap I know only through our dealings on Twitter (we support the same football team). I had tweeted a few references to my story and he asked to read it, so I sent him my WIP. I advised him that, as a WIP, chapters are quite likely to move position in the timeline and new ones will be added in and amongst as I build the plot etc.

I have shown the draft to my wife (she loved it), daughter (not yet replied, too busy with hols, house buying, career etc!) and the ma in law has seen one chapter (wants to read more). The thing is, these three are family and have somewhat of a duty to be "nice", so I was very keen to get an opinion from someone that I barely know.

This chap took a few weeks to email me back but did so last night. Despite being very eager to read his thoughts, I saw his email and didn't open it for a few hours as I was quite apprehensive about reading his comments.

I eventually read his comments and am very relieved that he liked it, thought it intriguing and is eager to read more. PHEW!

I am going to take much confidence from his comments and try to crack on with getting more written ASAP:

"What an intriguing storyline."

"All in all the story has left me wanting to read on which is what I have found good page turners do."

And, especially this one.

"You clearly have a skill in writing and story telling."

Yes, I know this is a self congratulatory type of posting and I apologise for that. I do. Honest.


  • I think we all crave positive feedback as it means we are getting it right! You are lucky to have met someone who will give you an honest opinion, kramer - and the bonus is that the feedback was good. Well done!

    Onward and upward...
  • Brilliant feedback!
  • Excellent.
  • All positive. :)
  • We all need to bolster our writing worries and revel in some good news... why the heck not? Hooray!
  • That's very encouraging! And well done for being brave enough to share your work - it's not easy opening yourself up to criticism.
  • Lovely to have such feedback! It proves you're not the only person who thinks you can write.
  • Please don't apologise for a self-congratulatory post - it's what this forum is all about - to share the highs and lows. You are pleased and relieved and of course you should share that with us.
  • The need to postpone opening the mail is not unique to you, Kramer - we all suffer from that when it's our work under the microscope. You've got good feedback from someone who obviously read the whole thing, put a lot of thought into it, and knew that you needed to hear the considered truth.
    You have to share these things - and self-congratulation/pride/happiness/relief is where we all start! Well done.
  • As lovely as it can be to get feedback from family and friends there is something that bit extra when it's from someone who has to interested in sparing your feelings and will just be honest :) Always good to know what you're writing is holding peoples attention too isn't it :)
  • Those are lovely comments: intriguing page-turner and asking to see more. I know how you feel about not opening the email. Even the most successful authors worry about feedback. Read an interview with Girl on the Train author. She's stopped reading her reviews as she only remembers the bad ones.
  • Good point, ana. My first husband was an actor, and the only review he could quote verbatim was one saying he was 'all good looks and profile'
  • And was he?
  • Yes - but he was also a very good actor, and in that review his acting wasn't mentioned!
  • Same applies to a host of female actors. Attributes before ability.
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