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Illegal copying

edited May 2017 in Writing
I just googled Mrs C, and found it being offered as a PDF to download for free on a strange site that reckons it's not doing anything illegal. I've contacted them to demand that they take it down, so we'll see what happens. Not sure anyone trying to download it wouldn't also get a heap of computer trouble, assuming they got the book at all, but I can't say I'd sympathise.


  • They would get a heap of trouble.

    They are targetting readers and not authors. Do not click on the link to test it.
  • Certainly won't!
  • Just steer well clear of them. I think they do it to lure in authors to click on them.
  • Ye gods! It's a jungle out there!
  • I have lost count of how many sites 'have' my books and supposedly offer them for free. I still Google every so often as sometimes I find reviews on people's blogs.

    Another trap to avoid is clicking on something that, ostensibly, appears to be a review but is, in fact, a mixture of words and phrases plucked from other reviews/book descriptions.
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