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Checked the threads and couldn't see any linked to this topic. Just read online that the vulnerability to this virus doesn't exist on Windows 10? I'm presuming then that anyone with this version cannot be infected by this virus? Can anyone confirm this for me, please..?


  • Windows 10 is better protected - assuming you have automatic updates on - because Microsoft still support it. However nothing is invulnerable and you still need to take care what you click on and have a decent virus protector.
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    Love the title, Randomware. I know you mean ransomware. :)

    As far as I understood if your computer has not had the relevant security update applied- whatever OS you're running, you could be at risk.

    Windows 10 updates in the background, but as in my case, damage to part of my Windows update (assume something got on to my computer) resulted in that important update failing- the one with the important patch.

    If you check your Windows update history you can check that everything has installed successfully. If you find something hasn't, check if it has installed later, but if not you can manually try to install it.
  • What happened in the 60s and 70s? The worst thing that happened to a writer was a coffee stain on a manuscript. Now, one needs a degree in technology; has to operate on multi-platforms; and then tell all about it on social media! ~X(
  • I can do enough to get by, but sadly writers need to develop more skills with various technology and media nowadays. :(
  • That's true, Carol, and tomorrow I intend to go to my local drop in to learn how to do certain things with my iPad on the internet. Hell of a lot cheaper than getting experts in all the time to do these things. They need to be illustrated to me, procedures, before I can take them on board, then it's a 'piece of cake...'
  • Just dealing with the latest update to my computer's security related to another virus attack, worldwide.

    Wondering if any of you have security for your other devices. iPad, kindle, mobiles etc? Are these all vulnerable to attack too? Did try downloading my Norton security onto all my other devices,but none were accepting of this....
  • Don't have it on my Kindle. Now you make me wonder if anyone does?
  • Apple suggests an anti virus app for iPad, mobile but the reviews aren't positive. Quite the opposite. They suggest, instead, getting in touch with your bank to create a two factor authentication to secure that website. So might do that.

    Did read that there is anti phishing security for emails. As I have been targeted by that, still getting stuff through which I just delete, those emails, but I'd really love it if I could gain protection from these cyber attacks. Any ideas on that one...?
  • I have AVG on my tablet. Which reminds me, i should run it soon!
  • You shouldn't need any protection of that type on your iPad, Lydia. i don't know where you are getting your info from, but: You don't need anti-virus software for the iPad and iPhone. iOS is designed and built to only accept and install software that has been approved by Apple and run through the App Store.

  • Just been worried about all these cyber attacks that have been happening. Wondering if they could get into my device and cause damage. Steal my passwords etc.

    Read a few articles online that were suggesting you could install apps to protect your iPad, mobile etc....
  • You can, but there's no point, you'd take up room on the memory, and for no purpose. Apple are impervious, completely impervious to viruses. They are designed in a different way. Trojans are the problem but not on an ipad or phone.
  • Erm...no they're not.
  • Well apple themselves say they cannot get viruses, only Trojans. Are you saying that isn't the case?
  • Yes, I am.
  • Go on... (since 1994 since I had an applemac I have never had a virus). i was told because of the UNIX-based OS there was safety built in?
  • I've got a thingy installed though, just in case - but not on iPad or phone?
  • ...and would you recommend it for iPad or iphone? Nothing has ever come recommending? about to change my phone so would be useful to know. (and for Lydia!)
  • So products from Apple are protected? Like iPads? What about Kindles? I sometimes use websites on there to buy things. Is this inadvisable then? And what about when you are out in open tecrritory, not using your own wifi connection. Only happens when I go to the hotel. Are my devices vulnerable then?
  • You have to use a kindle to go to websites to buy books so it can't be dangerous, but I have no idea whether you have to download anything to stop viruses. I suspect Amazon is pretty well protected.

    Apple updates all its devices to make sure the latest things that can hurt your devices are dealt with.Also, the way they are made in compartments means that if anything does get in it can only ruin bits which is why it's no fun for a virus maker. In all my life i have never needed a virus protector on anything but do use a free thing, Avira, now on the mac - but it hasn't caught anything because there hasn't been anything to catch. Occasionally it tells me it has removed something from an email but they have been PC viruses that aren't dangerous to macs anyway.

    I can't really answer these questions, Lydia because i don't know about virus software for ipads and iphones, I can only tell you I don't use anything.
  • I would never use a public wifi connection to look at anything where I had to input an important password or enter bank or card details. But that's just me and I am rather anal.
  • I wouldn't either.
  • That's worth noting. I'll bear that in mind...
  • Having a few problems with my Norton security. Online trying to connect to their helpline, but it's been busy all morning.

    When I click on backup, it fails to do this to my files, folders. Online, it is suggesting to uninstall and then reinstall. Is this recommended or am likely to get into more difficulties? Not sure whether to stay online, on Norton's helpline...?
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