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I'm selling my family.

edited May 2017 in - Writing Tales
I have a new collection of family related short stories available on Amazon. This week it's available for the bargain price of 99p. http://getbook.at/CCYF

Come on, you didn't think I was selling my actual family did you? I'm keeping them together as much as possible – I prefer to know where they are.


  • Part of me is a little disappointed…
  • Damn. I couldn't have done with an extra pair of hands to put the bins out.

    Best of luck with that, Patsy!
  • I'll willingly loan you a few 'selected' examples.
  • Is one of them any good at window cleaning?
  • You did get me wondering...
  • Window cleaning and bin putting out aren't strong points. If you need someone to spot Elvis in cloud formations though, I have just the chap.

    I can also offer you numerous sources of story ideas all of which would be instantly dismissed as too implausible for fiction.
  • Shows the power of headings/titles. I was instantly attracted because my family sold me out!!
  • Sorry to hear that, PET.

    Mine are mostly pretty good. Doesn't stop me using them in stories though!
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