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Swanwick 2017

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Who's going this year? The countdown has definitely started!


  • Sadly I won't be there this year but will be thinking about you all. Enjoy!
  • I'll miss you, Nefertari. This will be my twelfth consecutive year!
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    It clashes with my sister's visit from America. Not seen her for 5 years. Lots of catching up to do!
    Are you doing a workshop this year?
  • No, although I've offered to be an 'ambassador' to welcome new Swanwickers and to run one of the Tuesday 'no procrastination' sessions.
  • Nef -bring your sister! You have to come to Swanwick. What will I do without you? :(

    I'll be there montholon - in the absence of Nef I will need you to keep me on the straight and narrow ;)
  • I'll do my best, Mutley. Maybe you could do the same for me?
  • Mutley I will miss you and Montholon and everyone else but my sister is not at all interested in writing and would not enjoy it. She likes dogs though especially Airdales and has two. Does that help? :)
  • Wilma's best friend is an Airedale - will she do as a substitute? :)
  • She might!
  • This year's programme arrived through the letter box today. It looks very good!
  • How about you, Webbo? Will you and your team be joining us at some point this year?
  • How's it going? Any photos?
  • We visited today and had a really lovely time, and all wished we could have stayed longer. Apologies to anyone I didn't get chance to say hello to, or didn't have long enough to talk properly (I'm looking at you Lol!)
    From what little we saw it felt very lively this year, and good to hear about some of the innovations in the programming!
    There are a couple of pics of us on the various social networks.
    Anyone who's there, buckle down for the final push!
  • It was good to see you again. The WSS was buzzing all week and I for one am counting the days to Swanwick 2018. I hope you'll be joining us for the 70th anniversary.
  • I really should go one year as Swanwick is not far from where I live

    Lots of lovely countryside in this area. Thoughts of Whatstandwell always bring a smile to my face.
  • Next year will be very special and I'll hope to see you there, Dora.
  • Yes I am sure it will be

    I have a friend lives there, well, in Swanwick itself that is.
  • Next year will be very special and I'll hope to see you there, Dora.

    Just to clarify - not asking why you hope to see Dora, but why it will be very special.
  • As it's the 70th anniversary of the Writers' Summer School, the new committee will be working hard to make it the best year ever.
  • It was a great week. Sorry to miss you Webbo.
  • It's been ten years since I went to Swanwick (for the Diamond Jubilee) and I must confess I've never seriously considered going again. I have good memories of the actual workshop content but guess that the partying and socialising which so appeals to many just isn't my thing.
    Ten years, though. That means it's ten years since I first dipped me toes into TalkBack waters too.
    Doesn't time just zoop by!?
    Lots of love to ya'll
  • It certainly does, Ceka, and I remember you very well. This was my 12th consecutive Swanwick and I can't imagine an August without it. Horses for courses, obviously, but it would be good to see you again some time. xx
  • Ceka - I don't particularly go for the social events, but I do get a great energy from sitting talking to other writers in the breaks and finding out what people are up to and picking up ideas. I think I love the fact that there are so many introverts all coming together in a way that we can cope with. It was only my second year but I'll be back next year all being well.
  • Montholon I remember being absolutely fascinated by your extra acting career - you seemed to have so much fun with it!
    Mutley - energy yes, loads of that!
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