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Last Words

edited September 2017 in Writing
Just looking for some advice. I have started to write a story about a real life incident involving a painter. Two things really, I would like to name the story after one of his paintings and I would like to include his last words at the end of the story - would there be any problem with either of these? He and other characters based on real people died over 100 years ago.


  • I can't see a problem with that.
  • You can't Libel the dead.
  • Well it's in the public sphere what he did so I thought it would be OK but always best to check
  • Copyright does not exist on the spoken word and if it did it would have expired 70 years after death or 30 years ago, and you cannot copyright a title. However, the IMAGE of the painting will be in copyright, should you wish to use that.
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