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Cover design

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Is there any way I can get a cover designed when I already have an idea in mind of what I want?
I've looked at various sites and not found a bespoke service yet.
Cost is an issue too, so I may have to compromise in the end, but I'd like to find out.


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    You can definitely get a cover designed according to your own ideas. Lots of places will do that for a price.

    Here's a company who do it - I don't know anything about them, just Googled.
  • Looks good but no mention of price!
  • I imagine they'll be eye wateringly expensive!
  • What I've picked up over the years is that the more detail you can give the cover designer the better.
    A mood board in a way- you can create one on Pinterest for just you and the cover designer.
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    Katie's going to do it for me - Magic Owl. Thanks for the recommendations.
  • Looking forward to seeing it then!
  • Whilst stuck with writing my novel - heck, even the word "novel" seems quite grand - I put together a mockup design for the cover. That was so much easier to do than the plotting/character development/writerly shenanigans.

    It helps that I'm a graphic designer by day and stalled novelist by night!
  • I was talking to my grandson about graphic design, which is one of his GCSE subjects. He's only just started, so when i asked what his project would be, he didnt know. When we went on to talk about my book, he was interested in the idea of making a book cover.
  • I have mine on my desk. It's a great motivator.



  • BB - how do you add pics to comments? I haven't worked that out yet!
  • I add them to a blog post and then copy the code.
  • Fab. Back's a bit waffly, though. Suggest a good edit.
  • It sounds just my cup of tea.
  • Thanks BB. I think I have it now!
    Anyway, this is the mock-up I quickly designed a while back whilst stalled with writing the words that will go in it! One day this, or something akin to it, may sit on a bookshelf inI a bookstore somewhere.

    Mock up of cover.
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    Love it! Those eyes… Great use of colour – that's a very popular trend right now.

    What are those two solid blocks?
  • BB - as I said, just a mock up.
    The images are simply demo versions of the ones I would purchase and use, the sample pics have "iStock" stamped all over them.
    It was easy to block them out on the bottom image but not so on the top one (eyes). Hence, you can still see the copyright on the top one.

    When the story is written, I will buy the pics and finish it off. Unless a publisher has snapped it up in the meantime and their art department is on the case!
  • An excellent piece of motivation. :)
  • That's a great 'mock up', Kramer. I agree with BB... those eyes!
  • Which programme do you use to play with those images, Kramer?
    I'm considering designing my own for the next book -
    or at least a mockup to stick on my wall.
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    Fab. Back's a bit waffly, though. Suggest a good edit.
    hahahahahahaha I thought you were being serious, Liz, until I zoomed in on the image. :-))
  • Very striking, Kramer.
  • Which programme do you use to play with those images, Kramer?
    Hello Lizy.
    I use Adobe InDesign (part of their Creative Suite) for this type of work. Very easy to layer it up and apply text etc onto the background images. I use Illustrator too when required, although my cover mock-up as all InDesign.
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