Amazon to buy Waterstones?

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It would be a nightmare indeed, hope it isn't true.


  • And then what's left other than indies?

    Would the loss of Waterstone's adversely affect WH Smith pricing?
  • I hope this isn't true!
  • It is true, sadly.

    It really is a Halloween nightmare for authors.
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    Liz, where did you hear that it was true?

    All I've seen so far is speculation.
  • Ditto.

    Mind you, it would make sense to buy a chain rather than continue opening their own stores. Also, as many indie authors use Amazon-related tools it might make it easier for those authors to get through the doors.

  • It is true, sadly.

    It really is a Halloween nightmare for authors.
    I can't find anything confirming that this is true. Do you have some insider knowledge, Liz?
  • No, what I mean is that Waterstones is to be sold, I don't know who to, but Amazon is what the bet's on - they have doe the same in the US and their book stores are awful.
  • From my link:

    Bookshop chain Waterstones could be put up for sale by its Russian oligarch owner.

  • Ah. the thing I read on my friend's FB said it was. So, in fact, there is nothing happening at all...

    But a little alarmed to find out it's a Russian Oligarch who owns it now...
  • ...and has done so for several years without causing a ripple on the TB radar.

  • Lol. Our Waterstone's has been getting steadily better under the oligarch. Maybe he is hands off. We have a cafe which is brilliant, lots of cake I can actually eat. Loads of tables dotted around very like Borders used to be.
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